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Thread: History of Rossi, E-cat...

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    Exclamation History of Rossi, E-cat...

    Rossi on Burning his Finger (The Beginnings of the E-Cat)

    I thought this was a comment by Andrea Rossi worth bringing attention to. It is always interesting to me to see the beginnings of great things. In most cases great things proceed from very small seeds, and Rossi here explains how the spark was ignited. While I have heard that the discovery of the E-Cat was initiated by Rossi burning a finger, this is the most detailed account of what happened that I have come across.
    Read the full article at
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    This story is completed on E-cat report:
    this article cite also that friendly biography, quite different from the negative one like the one proposed by Krivit or Wikipedia (until they refuse to correct it and removed it).

    • His infancy was in a technological aware family (metal carpentry, machines)
    • Strangely he study philosophy of science... (1973) despite/because his technical culture...
    • Rossi, created a division named "Dragon" in his family business to sell incinerators (with energy recovery, water depuration).from 71 to 96, 1500 waste incineration plant were built. from 75 to 96, 200 water depuration plant were produced. From 74 he files patents on energy recovery from waste, water depuration...
      • NB: It seems that his life as scammer is a myth... he started as industrialist.

    • in 78 he start working on waste to oil technology, and patent it in 1979. He name this business "Petroldragon"
      • NB: the biography cite some book, which 22passi comment , thus bashin Krivit's critics. He cite an italian book (oil from wastes).
      • The patent have been sold for big money, and is used for biodiesel.

    • In 79 he get a degree in Chemical Engineering from what is described by some as a "diploma mill"... he claim it was recognition of his patents...
    • The news attract the media, cross the atlantic and Rossi get a permanent visa to US from Jimmy carter, who tried to convince him to develop his industry in US. Rossi however prefer to work in Italy.
    • In 1983 he build a facility that produce 20tons fuel/day from 100tons of waste.
    • In 1984 Rossi feel the importance of his discovery and, supported by banks, he buy a lubricant refinery (Omar).
      • NB: He had good credit in banks!

    • He organize collection of organic wastes (plastics, rubber, waste solvents, waste food,...), and sell the oil to those providers. Petroldragon had a research contract with Politecnico of Milan...
    • He start to think about fueling cars (initially oil was not made for cars), test on Fiat 131, and in 1993 create the Petroldragon racing team with Alfa Romeo Formula 3. Omar and petrodragon were estimated 35 million$ from today's euro conversion.
    • what is not clear is that before 1993, in 1987, the waste product Petroldragon was using was considered as toxic waste, and Petroldragon had no license. Suddenly Petroldragon was stopped, equipment put under sequestration, considered as toxic waste dump, not as tank. Since the beginning the waste were however regularly sampled and analysed to put taxes "on fuel". Rossi was then arrested and prosecuted many times. Meanwhile his company had paid million$ of taxes over fuel. This resulted in all business stoping with partners and loss of any income, letting him unable to process the raw material. Rossi have to give all his family property to pay the cleaning of the plants. He was accused of 56 charges. He was put in jail before judgement for 5 remaining, and cleaned from accusation finally except for tax evasion, linked to the bankruptcy.
      • The author of the biography make the link between that regulation change, and the entry of Camorra organized crime organization in the waste business
      • The author notice also the huge prices of cleaning compared to the price that Petroldragon was paying to make oil, suspecting market dysfunction.
      • Omar Petroldragon customers testified for Rossi, even those who suffered from the tragedy. Showing it was not a scam but a regular business.

    • meanwhile in 93 he started playing with LENR... few mW, never sure of the results. He was under many pursuit as said previously.
    • In 96, free from pursuit but without money he moved to USA (Bedford New Hampshire, Bio development Corp), and give his patents to the company. He is appointed as Chief Scientist.
    • In 96 Rossi start to have positive result with NiH LENR (in Manchester New hampshire).
    • In 2000 while working on a wood waste to charcoal plant, he got arrested in Italy about his bankruptcy. He battled to be released, and meanwhile he developed a biomass to electricity technology.
    • He also collaborated with Leonardo Technology (LTI) working with DoE/DoD.
    • about 2003, through LTI, he proposed to DoD development of promising thermoelectric generators, based on anisotropic material. He claimed huge efficiency, but once industrialized, the prototypes get ruined by transports and anyway survivors had low efficiency. It seems one factory burned too... Some says he was arrested in Italy, preventing him to continue and correct problems...
    • in 2009 he get back to US, to develop his LENR technology...
    • It seems he is moving from Florida to Bologna...

    All that story is not so clear, and some sources disagree.

    The fact that the Petroldragon race team is created in 1993 is not coherent with his business made illegal in 1987... maybe does the government stay quied for 6 years... Not so surprizing if you take the fact he was paying taxes on fuel, despite using alleged toxic waste...

    The fact that he work on LENR since 1993, while being under pursuit, if not imprisoned is not clear.

    Wikipedia says he get imprisoned for 5 years, while he was clearly free for some time in the 1987-1996... they probably mismatch short imprisonment over 5 years with total time...

    The content of the 5 accusations over 56 that were considered finally is not clear... and whether one of it was taken as true is not clear. it seems the only serious accusation is tax evasion linked to the bankruptcy...

    The episode of TEG generators at DoD, and the possible arrest in italy is not clear, especially the dates.

    anyway what is clear is that Rossi have been a recognized man. He have done real technology, run real business, being supported by bankers, buy customers, by DoD, by bosses (Bedford), by corps (LTI).
    Some (on wikipravda) cites people claiming he produced no oil... maybe as he explain because it was resold to the customers, and not for cars, but probably for industrial heating.

    He cannot be a full-time scammer. At worst he may have exaggerated claims about his TEG at DoD, and abused of a legal weakness with Petroldragon...
    But what is clear anyway is that Petroldragon have customers, and was bankrupted by an unfair government, suspected of corruption by Camorra.
    After that Rossi just proved he was a pathologic inventor, dedicated to waste remediation and energy.

    Real scammer don't invent real things, they don't build real factories.

    If he have been dishonest, he have been in the usual way of inventors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers.... He does not have the profile of a scammer... Probably less than Edison.

    I feel that the biography of Rossi should be updated to precise the exact timing, and the overlap of situation...
    Too much imprecisions let room for conspiracy theories.

    If someone can contact rossi, without making him go ballistic, it would be a good idea to ask him to precise the chronology (start of pursuits, racing team, preventive imprisonments, acquitments, DoD TEG project, ), the content of remaining accusations.

    I know he can get really angry when you ask him about that, so I imagine someone with good relation may help honest people to get the real information, and not the wiki-pravda, or the krivit's-theory.
    I have been quite hard on his uncontrolled personality, and as far as I've heard from real people it was not fair. I am not the good man to ask such detail.

    any evidence could be useful. the italian book cited, and the DoD report are nice.
    Report about customers satisfactions would be nice, like final judgment, building of real plants evidences...
    People have to see that rossi was building real thing, selling real things, making business with satisfied customers or partners.
    “Only puny secrets need keeping. The biggest secrets are kept by public incredulity.” (Marshall McLuhan)
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    This article is very negative against rossi but gives precision about timeline, and pursuit.

    The timing is quite different from what one understand reading his self-biography
    and make it more clear

    Rossi was arested in 1995 (so no incoherence with Petroldragon race team)
    he remained in jail 6 month, not 5 years as wiki says.

    he was freed of most charges because the facts does not exist, at the thirsd trial (after a 8 year previously)... which make the journalist furious indeed.
    He remind that appeal is pending (nov2004) on fraudulent bankruptcy, which mich match the story of Rossi arrested in italy later, when working for DoD (2004-2005).

    Like what Rossi says, he was sanctioned only for some lack of authorization...

    what is not clear is what mean the 80 tons... 70,000 tons of waste... whether it was residues of his treatment stored locally, raw material waiting to be treated, or illegal dumping.,
    Clearly the accusation is that he simply stored the wastes, with no intent to treat it.
    His defense is that he could not treat it because of the pursuit.

    Andrea Rossi Acquitted of Recycling toxic waste
    The prosecutor had asked for a sentence of three years and a half Silvia Underwire: polluter gets away

    MILAN - Acquittal "because the fact does not exist" for Andrea Rossi, accused of conspiracy to commit money laundering of toxic and hazardous waste, piled in the 80"'s between Hoofddorp and Lacchiarella. This story Rossi was arrested in 1995, when claimed to be able to turn that waste into oil. He remained in jail six months. In this process, the prosecutor had asked for a sentence of three years and six months. This is the third acquittal, the other two had obtained at Monza and Ariano Irpino, where they were transferred to two sections of 'investigation. After years of investigation and controversy, Rossi was finally sanctioned only for minor events related to non-compliance with the authorizations he had obtained for the disposal of waste. Appeal is still pending in the trial for fraudulent bankruptcy due to the collapse of Omar, the company that took over from Petrol Dragon refinery Lacchiarella and meant to be distilled waste: for this process, in 2000, Andrea Rossi was sentenced to summary proceedings by the Gup Milan to eight years in prison. To rehabilitate approximately 70,000 tons of waste accumulated in 'system, in ten years the Lombardy Region has paid about € 41 million. 'L' acquittal of Rossi clearly shows how the principle of "polluter pays" principle is often applied in reverse: the polluter earns and gets away with it, "said Silvia Underwire Clementi, regional director of An. G. Gua.
    Giuseppe Guastella
    (27 November 2004) - Corriere della Sera
    about the 70000 tons of waste one answer is
    some answer is in that article
    Poisons Petrol Dragon, Battle on the oven
    Poisons Petrol Dragon, Battle on the oven LACCHIARELLA. Block any possibility of burn "on the spot" 56 thousand tons of toxic sewage stored illegally by Andrea Rossi in the deposits of the 'ex-refinery Omar Petrol Dragon Lacchiarella: on this urgent motion communist PRC and other groups will ask the vote of the regional council. L 'disposal contract with incinerator will be' awarded Friday 'neighbor.
    (21 May 1996) - Corriere della Sera
    Remediation of 'former OMAR, the region beats cash
    Remediation of 'former Omar, the Region beats cash LACCHIARELLA. The regional government has asked the Ministry of 'Environment 28 billion for the interventions of safety measures, disposal of toxic waste illegally stored by' entrepreneur Andrea Rossi in the 'ex-refinery "Omar Petrol Dragon" Lacchiarella and land reclamation. The draft environmental remediation, according to the scheme drawn up by the mayor Peter rose gardens, government commissioner for the 'emergency, should cost between 61 and 67 billion.
    (13 April 1996) - Corriere della Sera
    See also:
    Plan 'for the emergency Petrol Dragon
    Plan 'for the emergency Petrol Dragon LACCHIARELLA. The evacuation d 'emergency Lacchiarella, where it awaits the' initiation of the plan for the disposal of 56,000 tons of sewage harmful toxic stored abusively by Petrol Dragon by Andrea Rossi in 'former refinery Omar. How 'already' happened 's former Icep of Dresano, an' other chemical garbage abandoned by the self-styled "magician" of oil during the remediation will be 'implemented all' outside of 'plant a contingency plan coordinated by the prefecture Milan. Details of the program will be explained Thursday 'July 4, at 21, in a' meeting called to the Park of Via Isonzo Mamoli by Peter Rose gardens, mayor of Lacchiarella.
    (2 July 1996) - Corriere della Sera
    in that article they call him "the self-styled "magician" of oil", which let Rossi look like an irresponsible scientist and not a bandit.... Not friendly but compatible with Rossi's version, and not with the waste traffic as some said.
    Note also that his polluted water is more the symptom of chemical residue than of untreated wastes... Maybe Rossi did not manage well his residue (he said that it is simply because his factory was seized and his cash blocked), but he was working.

    This article confirm some claims of Rossi, about his company "Dragon Metallotecnica di Caponago".
    this article is also accusing rossi of corruptin former communist mayor.
    You can translate it as, the new mayor "Luigi Acerbi" did not have the same sympathy... or had different interests...
    Was it a political battle also ?
    Lacchiarella "We investigate on 'former mayor"

    - LACCHIARELLA. Franco Bescapè ', Communist mayor for three terms until 1994, he worked in a company' for the monitoring of 'pollution, L' Aquaria Lacchiarella, in relations d 'affairs with the Dragon Metallotecnica of Hoofddorp, a society' of 'engineer Andrea Rossi, who held the former refinery Omar Petrol Dragon in which they were stored improperly 58,000 tons of toxic and hazardous industrial waste. The President of the Regional Environmental Commission, Silvia An underwire, asks a complaint to the judiciary to ascertain any commingling d 'interest.
    (8 May 1996) - Corriere della Sera
    this article give details on the wastes, talking not only of the water, but of the wastes, only 6000tons.
    Began the reclamation of 'former Omar

    Started cleaning up the former Omar LACCHIARELLA. Took yesterday off the reclamation of the former Omar, which provides for the safety of 'area and quick disposal of approximately 6,000 tons of waste stored in tanks which do not give more' warranty seal. The delicate operation will last 'three months, then will start' emptying of the other 90 tanks with 50,000 tons of waste. All sewage, transported illegally in Lacchiarella by Andrea Rossi in previous years, will end up in disposal plants indicated by the two companies 'winning the race' s contract. After 26 months of work under the contract, the mayor of Lacchiarella, deputy commissioner by the government for the former Omar, indira 'call for a new' contract to clean up soil and groundwater. Meanwhile, they expect funding regional and state.
    (13 June 1996) - Corriere della Sera
    It seems the remediation was very expensive, as Rossy explained in his biography
    many articles like this one
    talk of money and subsidies...

    This article talk of customers, chemical and pharmaceutical companies:
    Invoice from € 70 billion to the unwary

    - Meanwhile, the City of Lacchiarella asked 70 billion company with over 300 'chemical - pharmaceutical held liable for damage environment for having entrusted the former refinery Omar Andrea Rossi's special sewage and toxic without following the regulations regarding the disposal of waste. The civil suit for the recovery of seventy billion (50 to cover the cost of the disposal in the course of 56 thousand tons of waste, 20 for environmental damage), and 'began Tuesday' to the first section of the Civil Court of Milan. The research work of unwary customers' lasted over a year and has seen investigators mobilized as the Finance Police, the State Forestry Corps engineers, and Waste Service of the Province. To go back to the customer of Andrea Rossi were seized records at the refinery in Hoofddorp, the first step for companies lured by the low prices charged by Andrea Rossi. The Omar Lacchiarella represented the final goal of the "tour" fraudulent: the poisons were poisons, even the shadow of oil. The procession of tanks was permanently blocked by the Region in '94, when the then Councillor for the Environment, green Carlo Monguzzi, he closed the former refinery after finding out that in the giant silos of Omar were also finished slurry containing polychlorinated biphenyls. The emptying of the poisons of Lacchiarella, started in June '96, will be 'completed by August.
    (19 February 1998) - Corriere della Sera
    this article talk of the 2nd trial
    conviction upheld the Petrol Dragon

    Conviction confirmed the Petrol Dragon Sentencing for the former entrepreneur Andrea Rossi Monza, 46 years old, so-called patent holder to transform harmful - toxic waste into fuel "alternative" in the former refinery "Omar - Petrol Dragon" Lacchiarella. Yesterday, the fourth appeals court sentenced Smith to two months for the arrest of storage and improper disposal of toxic waste - harmful and confirmed the sentence of four months to Alessandro Reale, 46, liquidator of Petrol Dragon.

    (19 March 1997) - Corriere della Sera
    Beside the negative position, they confirm his status of invenor, and waste converter...

    This long article give more details
    Andrea Rossi the 'buy in' 89, when the Petrol Dragon in Hoofddorp navigate in poor water: the prosecutor Monza Ambrose Moccia not 'not convinced of the goodness' of the "patent Rossi" and suspects that the real activity 'of' company is the lucrative "business" of industrial waste. The Petrol Dragon does not need permissions regional disposal 'cause, according to a sneaky packaged in' 82 by Undersecretary Francesco Colucci socialist, is not officially waste, but produces "fiscally material similar to crude oil." L 'system Hoofddorp is seized and sequestrated, until the region is not involved with the resolution of 30 January' 90, ordering the transfer and distillation at Omar Lacchiarella of all sewage stored in the warehouses of Hoofddorp, Dresano, Airuno , Zanica, Spinetta Marengo, Mosio and Piossasco. Have little success the objections raised by Dr. Guido Gardumi, head of the sanitation service of 'Health Trust of Rozzano: the analysis of the tanks Lacchiarella speak of a mixture of waste solvents, nothing to do with the oil. Lapidary replication Amelio Locatelli, regional manager of the Waste Service: "The material exiting from Hoofddorp and for the refinery Omar Lacchiarella is configured as distillable in the refinery itself and not as special waste and or toxic harmful". A few more years' later Locatelli would have been overwhelmed by the scandal of eco bribes. But then there were other times. "In '92. Tells Gardumi. Asked the mayor of a Lacchiarella' order terminating against Omar, with the 'single result to be reported for abuse d' office. It took two years of investigation to close the case." But the fortunes of Andrea Rossi coming to an end: first sentences Monza and Milan improper storage of toxic waste, then the seizure, just in Lacchiarella, a 'tanker full of sewage contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). And then, three months ago, other legal problems, related to false invoicing and tax evasion. The problem of remediation, however, remains' open in Lacchiarella as Dresano, where they are stored 18,000 tons of waste. Tuesday 'the next President of the Region, Roberto Formigoni, el' provincial councilor to 'Environment, Renato Aquilani, will participate in the council open to Dresano, summoned to explain the plan of disposal.
    Marco Castoldi

    (July 8, 1995) - Corriere della Sera
    So Omar refinery, after was targeted since 92.
    His wastes were solvents (probably the wastes that Rossi planned to transform in oil).
    Some of his sewage are contaminated with PCB. Not clear if it was residues or potential raw matter for his process.

    from what I read of the sequence, with time the accusation get more and more violent.
    However the final "there is no crime" sentence, while Rossi have no power, no support, no money... make me exclude corruption... So why justice have cleared him of most accusation, as the journalist moan... Why does judge say someone without money is innocent ?

    Anyway I suspect that his process had problems of chloride wastes... or on the opposite he was just destroying them... need more data.
    this article is explaining some techniques used to transfer money from bankrupted petrol dragon, to others companies.
    This article, if confirmed seems to refer to the prosecution around the bankruptcy and tax evasion, where he was condemned.
    Sentenced to eight years' magician of oil »

    Andrea Rossi is expensive to the bankruptcy of the refinery Lacchiarella turned into a warehouse of toxic sewage In vessels of 57 thousand tons of poisons Omar The reclamation cost more than thirty billion

    Claimed to have the formula to turn waste into "black gold", only managed to cause an environmental disaster was sentenced to eight years' magician oil »Costa dear to Andrea Rossi's bankruptcy refinery Lacchiarella turned into a warehouse of toxic sewage ONLY FIRMAMILANO -
    L 'last miracle of Andrea Rossi, the self-proclaimed inventor of the formula to turn toxic waste into fuel oil, had been on the accounts of' Omar 'Lacchiarella, the' ex-refinery detected by the Petrol Dragon in which the 'entrepreneur had stored 57,000 tons of sewage poisonous. The companies had paid tens of billions to get rid of waste, but the bankruptcy judge appointed after the collapse of Omar, in 'August' 95, he had found not one penny of assets. Only debts. Yesterday, for l '"Alchemist", came the day of reckoning: a sentence of 8 years imprisonment for fraudulent bankruptcy, imposed by the court on summary judgment of' preliminary hearing, Henry Tranfa. L 'investigation initiated by the public prosecutor Marco Maria Maiga had revealed a systematic animal is bled of corporate assets by Rossi by withdrawals from current accounts of the company for personal expenses (35 million pr agencies for the care of his image, 50 million for the mother-in-law), the "cosmetics" on the financial statements to hide losses. Even the 'purchase of a stake in the company' Granda Service ', an' other waste disposal company Pianfei (Cuneo), was made for an amount disproportionate to the actual value. The masterpiece, however, was the sale of the 'area of ​​Lacchiarella just two months before the bankruptcy judgment of Omar: estimated at 5 billion, had been sold to the Trust Company Srl in Cremona to 476 million. All in bills, never paid the rest. The prosecutor had also indicated Omar as a means for conducting illegal activities (Rossi is also investigated in Monza and Varese for tax and financial crimes as the holder of other companies in the group Petrol Dragon), in order to divert huge profits all 'foreign : back in '94, in fact, the share capital of Omar appeared headed to a company based in London and Liechtenstein controlled by Rossi. L 'former "magician" of oil, arrested in Rome in late May after a year in hiding in the U.S. will have to compensate immediately 800 million, while it will be a civil suit to establish the reimbursement to the ministry of' Environment, the Region and the City of lacchiarella of the more than 30 billion disbursed to dispose of the sea of ​​poisons never become oil. Marco Castold
    but the 8 years seems to have been reverted, meaning that something was not true in those claims...
    Once again, why was he finally cleaned, while less and less powerful...

    If what is said there was real, he should have got confirmed jail?
    I miss something ins that story...

    this article give more data about the vision of people in the 80-90s :
    The investigating judge civil Gabriella Migliaccio has signed an order for postponement of the trial to May 4, '99, with which it is asking the City Council to be more 'precise both in formulating claims, both in documenting evidence of responsibility' of each of the 300 industries cited. ...
    Lawyers for some of the 300 companies claim that everything would already 'finished in prescription and asked the judge Migliaccio to "invest the story Omar and Andrea Rossi, the public prosecutor." Offenses, the omission in official acts and abuse of power, "it is not now easy to reconstruct situations of corruption or bribery even if, in the light of the documents produced, it is macroscopic and determining the responsibility 'of public managers of those years for the shortcomings of the controls on so-called "products" of Andrea Rossi and the various refineries Hoofddorp, Airuno, Dresano and Lacchiarella that were owned by him. " For companies' finished in the black book of the former refinery Omar, this stop of the judge, albeit temporary, marks a point: many are sure to have disposed of the waste in Lacchiarella in a more 'clear and smooth,' cause l 'Omar enjoyed regional and ministerial authorizations. Said the lawyer Luigi Occhipinti, an expert on environmental standards: "It was not the duties of the bestower of knowledge of the wastewater projects frullavano for the head of Andrea Rossi." And he continues: "His invention, transforming industrial poisons in oil or derivatives traded again, was supported in the decade '80 - 90 from newspapers, magazines and TV Some publications that praised the miracle become waste oil went like hot cakes. How come all the authorities' responsible for checks have not closed one eye, but both, for 11 years? ". I doubt more focus on Pirellone: ​​"How come the region, always notoriously reluctant to grant permissions, so that applicants often have to wait months if not years, suspended 19 December '89 Resolution 86, which had given a favorable opinion waste treatment Rossi, 90 and 30 January, a little more 'than a month later and with the holidays' in the middle, I revoke' the suspension, requiring that materials obtained by the recovery of indirect Petrol Dragon in Hoofddorp were Omar moved to the refinery for further processing of Lacchiarella distillation? ".
    It seems to be a complicated story, and the final judgement is incoherent with what was said before...

    If someone can add better information, maybe from anothe point of view , othen than Corriere dells serra.
    this site describe the map of the contaminated zone
    This article explain that the work of cleaning the zone started only in 2013
    this article describe how the price of cleaning the zone have exploded with time, and have been delayed
    It also give a quick interpretation of the case... that The process of Waste to Oil did not work effectively...
    LACCHIARELLA. Ex Omar, pressure on the City Region to resume the process of remediation. After the first part, the most urgent, which concerned the safety following the environmental disaster of the late eighties, mid-nineties the recovery process is practically at a standstill. Small details here and there will have been made, but the second part of the real recovery has never really left. The City awaits the green light from the first batch of entries (approximately € 5 million) and the second (the other 4). "All this, for the moment, is blocked by an appeal to the TAR by a firm that had participated in the tender - the mayor Lugi Acerbi -. But there are also many, too many bureaucratic delays that prevent us from completing the work of recovery of the area. " The district, once healed the area, would have several projects on which to focus. But until the remediation is slow, impossible to make any step. For this is the mayor recently went to Region (after the election of the new board) to plead the case before the new tenants of the Pirelli Tower. The roadmap, in fact, is far too fast without complications or further delays. The second part of the reclamation should cover the ground. The expected battery life is about 5 years. The story of one of the biggest environmental disasters of Lombardy began in the mid eighties, when the entrepreneur Andrea Rossi in Lacchiarella installed the production cycle of the Petroldragon area of 'former Omar with the idea of turning waste into oil.Soon the process proved ineffective, leaving behind a pollution of gigantic proportions and years of judicial proceedings against the entrepreneur / inventor, however, eventually acquitted "because the fact does not exist" from most of the allegations, including association to commit a crime for recycling of toxic waste. In contrast, the figure hyperbolic served in the following years to recover the polluted soil in part today.It was 1996 when it was decided the first act of remediation of the former factory Lacchiarella. A cost which, over the years, has surged by touching a record of more than 30 million euro. To which, today, are joined by nine others. Only between 1996 and 1999 have been recovered and disposed of approximately 60,000 tons of toxic waste contained in more than 100 tanks. Most of the money for the restoration of the area has been developed by the Region. (gs)
    many article like this one
    talk of installing an incinerator, biorecator, or dumping which is refused by the local authorities...

    About camorra, wikipedia explain it is focussed initially around Naple, but is spreading faster tha others Mafia.
    It is know to be linked to Waste tragedy around naple
    Wikipedia explain they get agreement with Albanian mafia, Nigerian drug gangs... extending activities to UK, US,
    and in italy in few region including Lombardia
    In many article it seem the Camorra mostly transfer toxic waste from the north to the south.

    in the Italian wikipedia on camorra'Ndrangheta
    they explain that in the 80s-90s the Camorra enter the toxic waste market...
    This italian version is much more detailed on recent history...
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    One questioned moment in Rossi's carree is when he developped Thermoelectric devices for DoD, which were finally not working.

    An exchange explain the difference in perception of the same reality:
    Since this site has had many (too many) threads about what will happen when finally Rossi is validated (vindicated?) and the world cannot deny LENR, maybe we should spend a little time discussing what would happen if the new tests are negative, or never appear. Will this be final proof that the global energy industrial complex has finally won over? Or just back to the future, as in:
    "Rossi sent 27 thermoelectric devices for evaluation to the Engineer Research and Development Center; 19 of these did not produce any electricity at all. The remaining units produced less than 1 watt each, instead of the expected 800–1000 watt.[14]" - Wikipedia
    Omega Z synthetize it differently, using more details:
    "Rossi sent 27 thermoelectric devices for evaluation to the Engineer Research and Development Center"
    Note This Project was of an Investigative (Feasibility Study). They contracted LTI & Rossi. LTI & Rossi was only 1 of several concerns working on this project. There was also some University people involved who helped determine the most likely/best materials to use.

    1st.- It was to determine whether Thermal Electric devices could be built with upwards of 20% efficiencies.
    Rossi- Built Only One Thermal Electric Prototype Device. It reached efficiencies of up to 19%. It was able to maintain 17%. His Device worked. But hand built took a couple thousand hours.
    2nd. To determine whether they could be mass produced Cost effectively.
    The 26 additional devices were farmed out to (2) different manufactures to see if they could be mass produced cost effectively & functional by the Army research center. Part of them to a U.S. concern. Part to an Italian concern. The report didn't say how many by who. But they were NOT built by Rossi.
    Some produced nothing. Bad contact junctions. Some damaged during shipping. Only a few reached up to 4% efficiency.
    According to the Military Report, The prototype was a success. Rossi had Succeeded.
    Production Versions were Not successful. This did not depend on Rossi. Problems involved Impurity of available materials. Material Costs. Manufacturing Quality, as maintaining precise contact at the junctions. To much or to little joining material had major impact on functional efficiency.

    It was recommended By the Army Research Center to their superiors that Research be halted/delayed until Material Science developed better, Cheaper more Pure materials. And Further more, to Allow Manufacturing time to develop better Manufacturing processes with better quality & precision control.
    Originally, They new Materials costs would likely be high, But it was thought that if high efficiencies could be reached & Mass production was feasible, Cost/Benefit "May" be attainable.
    The research was not a failure. It provided answers.
    Yes. Efficiency could be attained. No. Costs exceed any benefit.

    Rossi's task was successful. That which did not depend on him were not.
    Yet a few people pick up unreliable bits of information and Slander Rossi with False facts. Do as I did. Read the Entire 150+ page Army Report. It's kind of dry, but Accurate.

    This is Not something Rossi pushed on the Military. This is a Project they approached LTI & Rossi with.

    You can thus understand why DoD did not moan about the result as a fraud, but as a failure ...
    “Only puny secrets need keeping. The biggest secrets are kept by public incredulity.” (Marshall McLuhan)
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    This gives Rossi a BIG boost in credibility!
    «Predictions are difficult. Especially about the future.»

    - Yogi Berra, Baseball player

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    A commenter, friendlyprogrammer on E-cat world make a summary:
    Quote Originally Posted by friendlyprogrammer

    • Andrea Rossi was very rich before worth $30 million USD. He did not run to hawaii (his Visa handed to him by The President of the United States), he continued environmental science. If his only concern was money he could have retired rich in his 30's.
    • When Italys mafia took his waste management business by making his storage illegal (Apparently "The Mafia" reaches as far as Italy (who knew?), and they apparently like to control waste management in many countries) Andrea Rossi faced and beat all his Environment charges, when he could have hid in the U.S.A. (remember the VISA the President Carter gave him.).
    • All of Andrea Rossi science is common theme of environmental science.
    • Many scam corporations think to raise money (scam) by selling shares. This scam was common with mining companies. Tell everyone you found a rich vein then sell shares then pay yourself a million in salary and go broke. Andrea Rossi has not sold or tried to sell any shares in Leonardo corporation. This would be easiest scam opportunity.
    • Andrea Rossi is immigrating to the US where anti fraud laws are extremely tough.
    • Andrea Rossi funded the first 5 years of this from his own pocket including hiring Focardi. Scammers have a history of using other peoples money for scams, and Andrea Rossi has used his own. Since Andrea Rossi made the Nickel/Hydrogen version of LENR popular in 2011, we have seen many unrelated labs confirm this is indeed possible and very effective. So he is on the right track according to many. These separate and unrelated entities all claim THEY have a working LENR device. Why would so many reputable corporations claim this? Toyota, NASA, Brillouin, George Miley, Patterson cell, Honda, Mitsubishi, Peter Hagelstein, Celani, MFMP, Defkalion, The Athanor creators. That is a dozen just off the top of my head that does not include the ecat device.
    • He seems to be logically progressing. His best demo was 18 hours on an unstable product and Defkalion bailed on him because he could not do a 48 hour run, but now he is running (confirmed) at much higher temperatures for longer. If this was fake why did he not fake a 48 hour run with Defkalion or when he was demonstrating in 2011. Are skeptics suggesting he has advanced his fakery in this time? I REPEAT. DEFKALION WAS WILLING TO PAY $15 million to Rossi for a 48 hour demo. If Rossi was faking, why could he not fake a stable product back then. Now it is stable according to him and verifying team.
    • He has demonstrated publicly in front of many skeptics and geniuses many times during 2011.
    • He did allow this recent team to evaluate the ecats with very impressive results, and DC input has also been ruled out. We must EITHER think there is criminal conspiracy among very impressive verifying team of scholars with reputations at stake, or accept the reality of the ecat.
    • Andrea Rossi did publish a paper on this (see his website) in 2010 but it was basically ignored, and all patents for anything suggestive of Cold Fusion have been banned. How would a normal person proceed?
    • He cannot get patents on this because of ban , but also has secret catalyst that is his advantage in market. How would anyone protect it?

    Look at the Zawodny videos on the NASA website. Rossi has never been poor. He could have gone to Margaritaville 20 years ago if he wanted to. As Forbes Magazine Mark gibbs says,"This is not, of course, the last word or even one anywhere near the end of this story but unless this is one of the most elaborate hoaxes in scientific history it looks like the world may well be about to change."
    Some say Andrea Rossi defrauded the American Department of Defense .. Here is his version..
    "in the year 2000 LTI agreed with DOD to test an industrialized version of a prototype working by the Seebeck Effect: such prototype, made by myself in 1000 hours, therefore extremely expensive, had reached 20% of efficiency; we had to make an industrialized version, economically sustainable, but I have not been able to do it, in fact the efficiency of the thermoelectric modules after industrialized production fall down to 5%, made by modules of 2 to 5 Watts of power, destined to be combined to make any power. The research has been made with the clear knowledge of the fact that the passage from a manufacturing made handycraft by me to an industrialized version could not work. The honesty of our work has been so clear, that DOD continued for years to work with LTI for other issues."
    Andrea Rossi has always been an achiever. He held the WORLD RECORD for distance running for two years in a row. Who here did not know Andrea Rossi was a world champion runner for 2 consecutive years in a competition that required perseverance (24 hour runs).
    He is likely IMHO to go down in history as one of the men responsible for clean energy and will save millions of lives.
    I say we go easy on the guy. He has ALWAYS done what he said he would do. I think he is very, very, very, credible.
    Enthusiastic position, that beside some opinion, remind us that Rossi don't have the profile of the scam artist, because he could be retired already with big money.
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    Danielle Passerini on his blog published an article with many details on the justice saga... (in english)

    Very well. I do not want to go back over the lady bloggers - even abroad - is posing as a journalist ( without registration as journalists ) and for more scientific ( without a degree ).Remarks rather than go back for the umpteenth time to hit the image of Andrea Rossi from its judicial affairs: "Andrea Rossi Has Been convicted to jail several times for Extensive environmental crimes connected to His inventions" ... s the remixes always the same mud! And to say that even Wikipedia is very clear in this regard:
    "In 2004, Andrea Rossi is acquitted of charges of criminal association aimed at the recycling of toxic and hazardous waste for lack of fact. This is the third acquittal after those obtained in trials held in the courts of Monza and Ariano Irpino which were previously transferred some sections of the investigation.Rossi was finally sanctioned only for minor events related to non-compliance of permits that had obtained for the disposal of waste. "( )

    Just on the acquittals on all counts against accusations relating to the affair Omar-Petroldragon recommend the careful reading of this article vintage:

    The philosopher's stone of Mr. Rossi
    1995, six months in the prison of San Vittore
    2004 acquitted "because the fact does not exist

    We carry a number of judgments that I was finally able to track down in the spring of 2011, when a small injury had forced me to rest at home for about twenty days thus giving me the opportunity to exchange a series of emails with the lawyer who since 1999 had Andrea Rossi defended. After finishing the disease and returned to work, I could not continue this research, due to lack of time and energy (to proceed further I had to go to Milan to examine "50 kg" of trial documents); but I think that what I found is already quite significant.

    Judgment no. 5156 28 \ 09 \ 2000 - Single-Member Court of Milan
    Andrea Rossi and his technical director Franco I will do two episodes were accused of issuing invoices for non-existent business operations. The Italian government withdrew to the reasonableness or otherwise of the accused due to the excessive time spent (invoices dated back to 1992), so the judge declared extinct crimes, and issued his verdict of "not to proceed,"the statute of limitations for criminal offenses.

    Judgment of 30 \ 05 \ 2001 - Single-Member Court of Milan
    Andrea Rossi and the liquidator were accused Alessandro Reale (proc. 3636/98) in 1994 had issued invoices for non-existent business operations. After acquisition of the appropriate tests, it was ascertained that commercial transactions were in fact actually occurred and the judge acquitted both defendants "because the fact does not exist."

    Judgment no. 3937 17 \ 09 \ 2001 - Court of Appeal of Milan
    Andrea Rossi was accused of having issued in 1992, for the purpose of tax evasion, a bill concerning commercial transactions do not exist. Although he was clearly innocent, was sentenced by the Court of Milan in the first instance for a fact that he had not even been challenged and in which, therefore, had not even had a chance to bring the evidence of his innocence. Court d ' Milan Appeal therefore set aside the judgment of conviction for violation of the right of defense (art. 521 CPP) and in particular for the lack of correspondence between the fact and the fact challenged Rossi taken into consideration by the judge in the first instance judgment.

    Judgment no. 2009 16 \ 10 \ 2002 - Collegiate Tribunal of Monza
    It is on a large process (proc. 515/1991) resulting, as indicated on the title page of the judgment, the meeting of several other procedures (80/1997; 255 \ 1997 588 \ 1997, 642/1997, 481/1997, 98 / 1998, 522/1999) in which they were charged several people including Andrea Rossi. The charge against the accused was that (once again) had issued invoices for non-existent and in most commercial transactions (most serious) have organized for this purpose to constitute what in Italian criminal law is defined as "criminal conspiracy" ( art. 416 CP). This process is critical because it is precisely because of this story that Andrea Rossi is put into prison; following which the banks demanding the immediate return of their loans, causing the failure of companies to Rossi. L 'investigative hypothesis of laundering dirty proved a hoax and did not earn even the dignity of a formal dispute. Upon completion of the long process was recognized as a non-existent "conspiracy" and thus all the accused were acquitted by the relevant offense under Article. CP 416 "because the fact does not exist." For various reasons, then, ("because the fact does not exist" for "extinction of the offense for prescription", "because the fact is not required by law as a crime"), the defendants were acquitted or discharged also by almost all other offenses except some incidents of false invoices for which amazingly was issued on a provisional conviction that the defenses absolutely did not share and then subjected to the attention of the Court of Appeal of Milan for a more thorough examination. The appeal proceedings gave the positive outcome that follows.

    Judgment no. 3172 14 \ 07 \ 2004 - Court of Appeal of Milan
    Giving final judgment on the cause Monza above, the Court held not to proceed against Andrea Rossi was time-barred offense.

    Judgment no. 11157 of 26 \ 11 \ 2004 - Second Chamber of the Court of Milan
    Again as in the process of Monza, Andrea Rossi was accused along with other people (proc. 3729 \ 2000) the offense of criminal conspiracy (Article 416 of the Criminal Code) related to the issuance of false invoices. The long process allowed us to ensure that this conspiracy had never existed and therefore all the accused were acquitted by the formula broader or "because the fact does not exist."
    “Only puny secrets need keeping. The biggest secrets are kept by public incredulity.” (Marshall McLuhan)
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    Just for people discussing on petrodragon, I noticed for long and found agains that article on a sabotage of Omar resort to cause pollution by opening the tanks.

    I don't see any other people interested in that than the companies proposing cleaning.
    In many articles the cost of remediation is show as exploding... and Rossi have expressed his surprise that the cost of remediation was so high compared to what he could do.

    Ecovandali in Lacchiarella

    The local health confirmed: a sabotage leak poisons to Omar tanks filled d 'water held under fire surveillance

    -------------------------------------------------- --------------- is satisfied that there are no leaks from the tanks, April 10 someone opened the valves voluntarily Ecovandali in Lacchiarella The local health confirmed: a sabotage leak of poison to tanks Omar filled with water held under fire surveillance LACCHIARELLA - The environmental disaster of April 13, and not 'was an accident to cause the release of 250 tons of toxic waste water from two reservoirs of the former refinery Omar, during the remediation was a saboteur. One expert, who unlock 'the safety valves, loosening up to allow the outflow of poisons at a speed' of half liter per second. The goal 'about sewage purposes' in the ditch Ticinello, causing fish kills and pollution of land. These conclusions are arrived yesterday technicians in charge of ASL Melegnano to try keeping the two tanks by the Commissioner for the remediation, Mayor Peter rose gardens (RP) and by the magistrate in Milan Emanuela Corbetta, the pool environment. Established with almost mathematical certainty that the accident 'was arson (the two tanks filled with water have not lost even a drop) become more' serious the responsibility 'of those who would have to carry out surveillance during the more than three days closure of the former refinery (Omar rest 'closed from Friday 17' 10 until 17.30 Monday 'following, when the country became aware of the disaster seeing dead fish in Ticinello). The cooperative of volunteer firefighters of Cornegliano Laudense, responsible for the supervision and festive night, did not ensure the presence of his men on Monday 'and, in the light of what happened, maybe even in the two previous days. Otherwise, any of them would have noticed that the sewage were coming from two tanks in small concrete tanks designed to protect and, overflowing, lawns and into sewer. Even companies that began in June '96 emptying a hundred tanks with about 56 thousand tons of waste deposits from the "magician of oil" Andrea Rossi, have specific responsibility '.The ASL Melegnano and the province forced the company 'Environment (Eni), head of a joint venture, to enter into the reclamation project by 30 billion and 690 million diversion of sewage pipes. To avoid the risk of accidents during emptying, environmental health technicians imposed to block the sewer that ran in Ticinello and to build a new branch pipe cleaner to the former refinery. Despite the guarantees provided by the companies, the jobs were not done. The "test of truth" and 'began yesterday morning at about 10.30. In addition to the technical enterprises of the province, there were Mario Trinchieri ASL Melegnano, Mayor Peter rose gardens, the director and designer of the work Claudio Tedesi and agents of the judicial police of the district court in Milan. The two tanks filled with water, about 5 feet high, just above the safety valve, and 'found their perfect fit. When the handles of the valves (whose pivot and 'always locked by a nut) have been loosened by 4 turns, exactly as they were found on the evening of Monday' of the disaster, the liquid started to come out of the drains. The 250 cubic meters would end up in the ground in 70 hours. "It's not 'unthinkable - said Mario Trinchieri - that the fact can be attributed to a fault. Certainly, if it had worked on-call and the pipes of the collector had been diverted to the treatment plant, there would be no pollution" . The mayor rose gardens added: "It seems to me that there are serious omissions. I filed a complaint with the prosecutor's office and handed an order to the companies to reclaim land and Ticinello."
    “Only puny secrets need keeping. The biggest secrets are kept by public incredulity.” (Marshall McLuhan)
    "Heureusement que Galilée n’a pas suivi le consensus de son époque, car la terre n’aurait pas tourné !" (Claude Allégre)
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