CSER Symposium on Futurology Free online attendance

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  • Thanks for the invitation, but this is not for me, and here is why. I was looking really hard for a clear explanation exactly what it is all about, because the event description is masterfully vague. Then these fragments explained everything:

    “...more people to bring their ideas about the future to global decision-making tables.”

    “Aarathi Krishnan is the Senior Advisor for Strategic Foresight at the UN Development Programme.”

    OK, let me try to translate this from vague-speak to plain English:

    “We are trying to pick the brains of those deemed worthy, and collect ideas that might pose an obstacle in the way of our agenda to enslave humanity, or pick up ideas that might help us accomplish it more efficiently. Of course, we won’t tell the participants exactly what we are looking for, that would spoil plan, therefore we dish out some vague gobbledegook."

    Global decision making? Who are making global decisions? Aren’t they the billionaires who think we are useless eaters? Do you think they will let you have any say in their “decision making”? Absolutely not. This is an event to serve globalist agendas of WEF, UN, George Soros, Bill Gates etc. which is basically to reduce the world population and introduce a one world government that would keep the remaining people in slavery under constant surveillance like in Orwell’s 1984.

    Here is their next move against people who know the truth and dare to share it:

    UN Declares WAR On ‘Dangerous Conspiracy Theorists’ Who Revealed Their Sinister Plans


  • Be there or be square. Be there to better square with other beings.