International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science ICCF-25

The International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science has a long history dating back to 1990. The first meeting was held in Salt Lake City, USA. Since then, the location has rotated between Asia, Europe and North America. The most recent ICCF conferences were conducted in Assisi, Italy (2019) ICCF-22, Xiamen, China (2021) ICCF-23 and Mountain View, USA (2022) ICCF-24. The 25th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCF-25) will be organized in Szczecin, Poland during August 27-31, 2023. Szczecin is the largest city of the West Pomerania region of Poland, situated on the Oder river and boasting over a thousand years of history. It is close to the German border (~150 km away from Berlin) and the Bay of Pomerania (~80 km away from the Baltic Sea). The city is abundant in green areas. Its city plan, with avenues and roundabouts, resembles that of Paris, since it was designed by the same architecture, Georges-Eugène Haussmann. The aim of the ICCF-25 is to increase cross-disciplinary discussion and exploration in the field of low-energy nuclear reactions. It will provide a great opportunity to enhance international collaboration in solid-state fusion research by presenting new scientific results, developments and applications that are needed to make the clean energy production become an everyday reality.

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