The Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Italy has awarded its High Patronage to the ICCF-19 event

  • Today I received the International Conference on Cold Fusion ICCF19 newsletter announcing that ICCF19 registration are open, but the most amazing is the announce of "High Patronage" to the ICCF-19 event by the office of the prime minister. Something have changed.


  • In japan Mizuno and the usual suspects (Toyota, Mitsubishi). No news from the government.

    India some buzz and hope about something serious. Some lobbying on the government

    Russi buzz, but no state support.

    Usual groupthink in france, hopeless unless Airbus catch media.

    UK , Oxford/LENR-Cities/Airbus , maybe something

    EU itself, maybe some official getting out of their rabbit hole led by ENEA and Italy, helped by scandinavian countries.