Is Erik Witalis fusion classified as LENR?

  • The following book describe a small fusion process as a combination of hot fusion and beam target fusion

    It is written by the former Swedish defense researcher Erik Witalis.

    There is an English manuscript but no publisher has yet accepted it.

    The technology can be used for energy production. The book describes a weaponized application with an explosive strength of 50 kJ (a hand grenade is something like 10-20 times stronger).

    Would anyone be interested in this technology for electricity generation?


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    If one follow the classification of Edmund Storms it cannot be LENR.
    key characteristic of LENR/ColdFusion for Edmund Storms is the uncommon absence of energetic gamma, tritium and neutrons commensurate with heat.
    There are tritium, but a millions less than expected, mild gamma/X unlike expected MeV gamma, and trillion less neutrons than expected... for Edmund Storms this is the signature of LENR.

    for mainstream science LENR, for DoE, which have nothing to do with voodooscience/ColdFusion, LENR is what you describe. They can even use the term cold fusion for some heavy nucleus fusion at mild energies.

    for some LENR supporters the separation is less strict and some include beam fusion like fusor, or cavitation fusion, which produce the usual hot fusion ashes (much neutrons, tritium, gammas)

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  • With all due respect to Ed Storms, we would have to take exception to "neutrons" if that were his exact words. The words would have to be amended to indicate "energetic neutrons" or at least neutrons that are energetci enough to be detectable. Ultracold neutrons are not easily detectable, other than [perhaps] by the generation daughter isotopes that themselves may have some characteristic decay signature.

    Unless Storms meant to exclude all Widom-Larsen-Srivastava types of "fusion"--- and that would be a great surprise to most including I imagine Storms himself.

    For a possible means of separating and measuring ultracold neutrons please see the thread here under "Replication Attempts" titled "Ultracold neutron isolation and detection".

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    Storms disagree with WLS in that he estimate that ULM neutrons would be thermalized and be detected, even in minority. This is one of his arguments for his theory.

    The experimental classification of LENR is as you say, absence of energetic or thermal neutrons commensurate with heat, of energetic gamma commensurate with heat, of tritium commensurate with heat, or energetic particles commensurate with heat...

    there can be many bound or unthermalized (?) slow neutrons, much mild gammas, X-rays, eUV, tiny quantity of tritium, neutrons, energetic particles...

    In fact for me this definition is interesting as it defines the "miracle" of cold fusion.

    Cavitation fusion, fractofusion, DoE LENR and alike won't change much the books of physics.

    LENR as Storms describe is a revolution, like superconduction was to ohm law.

  • [Annoying change of format here at LENR Forum. So, I just happened to find this interaction you (Alain) and I were having. And quite by accident looking at my own posts.]

    Anyway, if Storms claims thermalization then he has to specify how it is that neutrons are able to be pushed around by atoms. Otherwise there is no obvious route to thermalization. Neutrons are not going to directly interact with electronic structures of atoms. At least from my reading ULMs have very high reaction rates or cross sections with atomic nuclei in their environments. Hence few if any ULM neutron-atom collisions result in thermalization, but instead have a high probability to result in isotopic changes to atoms in the vicinity.

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    It seems it is a natural well known phenomenon, when neutrons bounce on nucleus ... I cannot argue myself.
    Like in a hardrock concert, even someone calm and static quickly get dancing with the crowd.

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