New attempts of replication - Nickel Hydrogen - High COP?

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    I received a letter with information about new exptiment, it looks to be trying to replicate ECAT / hotcat. An Italian research team have published a video showing interesting experiments something that might be high COP values.

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    (Check at Youtube)

    From the research group's website

    We are a group of technicians and professional researchers who devoted 25 years of the time and invests its resources in science frontier both experimental and theoretical levels.

    Our mission:

    Finding new sources of cheap energy: Cold Fusion (LENR) and direct conversion of matter into energy Space propulsion systems non-Newtonian Unification of Sciences



    Ongoing study



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    The experiment setup looks clean, but I seeno paper like scientists do on experiments.

    not many details on the experiment done, and the only paper is "fringe" theory... ah Theory... the big problem of LENR... none is accepted and thousands are proposed.

    someone to follow for sure , when he have something scientist like Michael McKubre can comment...
    I hope this scientist is working on a paper... I'm sure people in the community will be hapoy to review (I don't say they will be soft)...

    to be continued.

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    My first question would be about something written describing the setup, reacting cell and the measurement bench, and the results with calibration and active run...

  • This report on E-Cat by "Independant" Laboratory looks strange to me : it was done in a Swiss company which could be somehow linked to Italian labs, and at a moment, early 2014, when Rossi was in dificulties.
    So I would be rather cautious.
    Now, the demonstration could have been more evident than trying to mesure the power in and power out through infra-red : If they reach a COP over 3, then they could have switched off the input, since they had enough power produced to maintain the reaction.
    If they had ran the experiment for 3 days without any power in, then nobody would question the result.
    Did I miss something ??

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    the problem of maintaining the reaction is an old one.
    It is far from simple since the reaction is autocatalythic and in fact not well understood.
    it have a tendency to fade or runaway. the best way to control it seems to make on-off (hear after death, or SSM of E-cat) ... some long lasting self-sustain have been observed by mizuno, by piantelli, by F&P, but impossible to reproduce on demand.

    in a way it is like trying to burn hatch... too few or wet and it fade away. too much and dry and that put fire to the whole place. this is a well know stability problem.
    People often don't understand how luck we are that fission can be stabilized, because of delayed neutrons and resonance zone in the absorption rate of neutrons vs neutron energy. It should have exploded without both.

  • I agree. This is not so easy ! the reaction needs anyway some kind of electromagnetic trick in addition to input power for heat.
    By the way, I read the tentative theory from Andrea Calaon. I like it, because it is providing some strong theory back up to my own intuitive feelings. Even if I do not have his impressive theoritical knowledge, my own perception, after reading a lot of books on quantum physics, is that matter doesnot really exist. What we are calling particules, like quarks or leptons,or even bosons, are not more than our perception of local excess energy produced by waves vibrations of the electomagnetic field. Everything is governed by electomagnetics rules, and the stability observed in matter organization is only a matter of equilibrum like stationary waves.
    This is why I believe in LENR : I always though, said, and wrote that managing to create special electromagnetic conditions in matter, could possibly allow to overcome the famous Coulomb barrier. But It was just intuition. Andrea Calaon is bringing much more theoritical arguments !

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    I cannot judge theories except about the link with experiments.
    The idea that it is linked with vacancies that moves faster in hot metal is interesting to explain observations. I'm more challenged by the fact that it is not based on standard model, but it is too early to critic.this is where replications, mass of data, will make the domain advance by killing dozens of theories, modifying others an promoting few...