Ego-Out: Critics on Steve Krivit

  • Peter Gluck on his blog, answers to the recent bitter article of Steven Krivit on Oxford conference of LENR-Cities. The key word to his analysis is "Hopeless".


  • It is indeed a pity that Krivit has lowered himself to spread unfounded critical and negative words around about Rossi. He should have rethinked his beaviour after AR joined IH.
    Maybe it was true that at the time he visited AR in 2011? and found that the Ecat was not producing as much energy as Rossi was tryng him to believe. He probably collided with Rossi and there were harsh words between them. He must than have decided that he feld that Rossi was a fraud.
    But now, after so may proofs that things are working, he should have changed is mind, but he didn't. He is either not so bright as Peter Gluck thinks, or he has a different agenda. The question is if he still is a LENR supporter. I do not believe he is, because with his behaviour he does LENR no good and probably himself neither.