Crowd funded Mass Spectrometry for A. Parkhomov

  • Dear all,

    I have a suggestion:

    There are institutes like Fresenius which offer all sorts of physical measurements as their service to private people.

    What do you think about crowd funding a mass spectrometric measurement of the Nickel/Lithium that was left after A. Parkhomov's calorimetric measurements?

    These institutes have the necessary equipment and know-how to do such a measurement.

    Such a spectrum would be a proof that cannot be denied by the scientific community.

  • I like your idea and probably would donate if you can make things more clear where among other things it would be ofcourse best to first know how much this would cost.
    Probably the work could be offered for free on behalf of the spirit of science !

  • @HarryD
    Of course. I am talking about the "Société Générale de Surveillance" in Geneva, Switzerland.

    This is their website

    It is a renowned institute which offers all kinds of measurements to private customers.

    We would have to send our Nickel/Lithium samples to them and they would measure their isotopic composition for us.

    I do not think it will cost more than appr. 1000 €. If we find, say, 100 people who are willing to donate, this should not be a problem.

  • Hello all. I like this idea but i think in order for everyone to "believe" that this is real the chain of custody of the ash needs to be unbroken. This includes the university examining what is in the fuel prior to the experiment then after otherwise people will say the same thing they did with Rossi...that he tampered with it.

    What do you think?


  • I agree and I have been saying this for a long time.

    And I even go further by saying that the whole experiment has to be replicated by a work group of solid state chemistry not just analyzing the ash before and after the run.

    The problem is that you will have a hard time finding a research group with a professor that is willing to do this experiment. Most of them are afraid to lose their reputation in the community if they start to even CONSIDER what they call "cold fusion".

    Even though there is seemingly NO FUSION taking place in the Ni Li reactor. We have been observing ISOTOPIC SHIFTS instead.

    Or they are so preoccupied by the standard model of particle physics thinking that everything that goes beyond it can not be real.

    Even though there are different phenomena that have already been observed which were not predicted by the smopp.

    Tetraquarks, halo nuclii etc.

  • @Andrew Hurley
    you make a good point about communication, even if some scientist are now without any hope that eny evidence can be useful.

    however on Lugano test, finally the testers themselves told that if Rossi was present during filling and emptying, he was only as observer. chain of custody was not broken.
    same for the calorimetry, wher he touched his control box , part of the blackbox, and not the wattmeters nor IR cam.

    if somebody is to blame on bad measurements, it is only the scientists.