Chemonuclear Fusion is a type of low energy nuclear fusion that has
    been shown to produce energy in two experiments. Aneutronic nuclear
    fusion can provide unlimited electric power without polluting the
    environment with radioactive waste and greenhouse emissions.
    Chemonuclear processes in small dense white dwarf stars accelerate
    the rate of nuclear fusion and cause them to explode in spectacular
    supernova explosions.

    We started the Chemonuclear Fusion
    Project is to raise awareness of this new and vitally important
    source of environmentally clean energy and to promote research and

    The Chemonuclear Fusion Project is soliciting
    volunteers to help our crowdfunding and educational campaigns. Our
    crowdfunding webpages will soon be up and running. We want people to
    post to discussion groups and help us get the word out that
    aneutronic chemonuclear fusion might be the radiation free way to
    power the world if we can get the funding to build and test

    We want artists who can help us design T-shirts,
    mugs, and promotional items to sell and give away to our
    contributors. Writers to write promotional materials and post to web
    forums are also wanted. Video producers and professional and amateur
    scientists who can help the public understand the concepts of
    chemonuclear fusion are encouraged to contact us also.

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