"Update" New report by Alexander Parkhomov

  • Here is a new updated report by Alexander Parkhomov (in russian!):
    2015.01.31 official link at yandex.sk
    This report shows more details about his expriment.

    Update: Human English Translation from @Peter Gluck

    Until we have an complete English translated version of the report, you can try to translate with google translate:
    1. goto https://translate.google.com/?tr=f&hl=de
    2. Choose your downloaded pdf
    3. Select Russian on the left side
    4. Choose your language on the right side

  • The last slide says according to google translate:


    Experiments with the analog high-heat generator Rossi, loaded with a mixture of lithium aluminum hydride and nickel, showed that temperatures of about 1100 about C or higher
    This device does produce more energy than it consumes.
    The level of ionizing radiation during the reactor is not significantly higher than background indicators. Neutron flux density not higher 0.2 neutrons / cm2

  • I will translate it this afternoon, I ask you to help me with the
    tables and images.
    The report 2 has added to 1 more experiments but as far I see no longer
    times yet.
    I have discovered a video about the lab also in Russian and very detailed and long at:

    Much work to do,

  • Not fancy, but an automatic translation.
    Google translate!

  • many thanks to @Peter Gluck

    so this new document add some data to compare calibration without fuel and active run with LAH fuel.
    no excess heat observed below 1000C.
    there is problem with hotspots.
    negligible radiations...

  • @David
    As I also said on e-catworld, I suggest to use Amara to coordinate the creation of subitltles for Parkhomov (and other?) videos:
    Somebody already added the Russian subs.
    Everybody can add their translations (Wikipedia style) to the page and the video + subtitles can then be embedded on a web page simply by clicking on "Embed Code".

    Sorry for my English. It's my job.
    Currently only a few minutes, added the subtitle, but plans to add the entire video subtitles. Since I have every day a little time for this to work, it may take up to 3-4 days. Perhaps there who want to help, or to dedicate this work the whole day.

    Update 1: made 17 minutes of video