Open Letter to Alexander Parkhomov - Happy birthday

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    Thanks for unselfish work and Happy birthday!

    Think about it for a while. Few people in the world would do what Parkhomov is doing. Parkhomov is a great human being. Some others in the field are not willing to share their experiences in the same level as Parkhomov does, Parkhomov want to share all information and this also lenr-forum main purpose.

    We need to pay attention to this perhaps historic event. If Parkhomov measurements are correct then the date 25 December 2014 will go to history. Parkhomov will be in the history books for his greatness.

    New papers is today released by Alexander Parkhomov. Unfortunately we published wrong papers for some days ago, we apologize for what we messed up.

    See the updated link.
    New report by Alexander Parkhomov

  • I am surprised with so strong glorification of my person. I didn't invent anything but only made simplified copy of the device invented by A. Rossi – the outstanding researcher and engineer. And Rossi relied on discovery made by Fokardi and Piantelli 20 years ago. In Russia, besides me, there are a lot of researchers in the direction of LENR . Also there are outstanding achievements, for example, Filimonenko's reactor (1957) or the «Energoniva» installation (1994) created by Vachayev and Ivanov.
    Alexander Parkhomov

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    After digging old stories around LENR I realized the huge importance of replication in science.
    This demand great modesty in a way not to introduce one's ego and improve, as usual.

    I would propose the creation of a kind of Nobel prize for replications. Maybe a LENR trillionaire could fund that?

    I wish that beyond the academic impact this will be good for everybody around. I know it is not unrealistic.

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    Dear Mr. Parkhomov: as a Chilean I really can't say that I have much or any idea how the general Russian way of seeing things in life is, but I'm sure is remarkably different from the average (if such thing can be said) US citizen, or even from the Europeans. From what I can garner reading literature and online publications, ans also scientific publications, I get that Russians are very pragmatic, and thus can see things in a much objective way than other peoples, while at the same time do not fear speculation and exploration of new ideas both theoretically and experimentally.

    On the other hand, I have been interested in the so called "Cold Fusion" since I was 15th years old, in fact, the very announcement of Fleischmann and Pons was in my birthday. It captured my mind then, and later I saw it fade away into the sad story we all know.

    Perhaps you don't see it this way, but for most scientists in the "western block" LENR is, unfortunately and in spite of the developments in the last 4 years, still mostly considered as "pseudoscience" and working in this field is largely detrimental for the reputation of the scientist involved, setting him apart. The change of this general attitude towards a more respectfull view of the LENR field has been painstakingly slow. Hence, seeing a prestigious scientist as you taking this research seriously, and publishing these important results, while also sharing them openly, is a very important development, for which most of us are highly grateful. I hope this helps you see why the admiration and gratitude expressed so far. My Best Regards.

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  • LENR progress has been impeded due to repeatable results among the researchers involved. As soon as anybody found a way to make it repeatable, they locked it up in secrecy because of the revenue potential. Finally somebody is willing to forfeit the money for the science. This why we are grateful to you Parkhomov. You put the science ahead of your own self interests.