Italian Parliament, yet another question to the government on LENR/Cold Fusion

  • Few days ago the question to the Italian governement is reported (translated by google).
    The author is not a deputy according to fusionnefredda skeptical site, but it seems supported by M5S, the 5 start movement.


    Question for written answer
    TO The Minister of Education, University and Research. -

    To know - given that: the field of LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, Low-energy nuclear reactions) is of great interest at the international level and scope of research in many laboratories around the world; Italy is, with Japan and the United States among the countries since the early nineties have explored this kind of study, through the competent national research institutions; different groups are now active in Italian universities, ENEA and INFN to contribute to theoretical and experimental investigation on the low-energy nuclear reactions; nuclear reactions at low energy phenomena are not widely known and not all of the parameters that can ensure the reproducibility have been identified to date and are well understood; numerous improvements have been made through scientific publications in recent years in research on LENR; some patents have already been granted; were announced devices for the production of energy from phenomena LENR ready for the market; once shown the existence of LENR would lead to a shocking redefinition of nuclear physics; Italy could play a key role, given its history in this field of research -: what are its guidelines on the activities of international research on LENR and therefore the interest shown by universities and business realities; if it considers it appropriate to take action to allocate adequate funding for the activities taking place at universities and public research institutions in the field of LENR Italian; whether it intends to promote new research in the field of LENR.

    It seems to be the third similar question from 2010 (question 4-06580, translated).
    and after the second one (question translated), Stefano Concezzi made a presentation in Italian Parliament (back from a similar presentation in Brussel)