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    This is not in Swedish, but maybe some people can interpret the language of their neighours

    I found articles around LENR/E-cat in that norwegian technology magazine.
    maybe someone can explain how serious is that magazine?

    Here is an article on recent Parkhomov experiments…naermere-et-faktum/167297
    it thanks an open design.

    one older on Lugano test…tidens-energikilde/164328
    another more general raise the question of oil getting worthless…je-nesten-verdilos/164346

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    It seems they base their belief in the assumption that collective effects don't exist.
    another logic is that they conclude that something don't exist if they simply cannot find an explanation, even if nothing forbid it in their theory...

    I don't understand, beside some psychology theories like groupthink and Kuhn epistemology, how can educated people aware of the history of physics can support that way of mind?

    I agree that a kid of 5 cannot be more intelligent than that, but a teenager of 15 who loves science and have read science history and who follow vulgarization litterature, have the intellectual tools to understand that fallacy. It cannot be ignorance nor stupidity. what is it? ?(

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    an interview on Energy where LENr is taken seriously…jort-varmekraft-ulonnsomt

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