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    Kylmäfuusio kiinnostaa - Avaruusromua 8.2.2015…ostaa-avaruusromua-822015

    not swedish but maybe some scandinavian reader can translate

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    Peter Gluck found this article on his blog…ee-kylmafuusiosta/3230243


    Miksi media vaikenee kylmäfuusiosta

    Energia-alan ja kaiken muunkin mullistava teknologia nimeltä LENR (low energy nuclear reaction), entiseltä nimeltään kylmäfuusio, lyö itsensä läpi massojen tietoisuuteen vuonna 2014, todennäköisimmin italialaisen Andrea Rossin toimesta. Asiasta löytyy paljon tietoa mm. sivustolta. Kannattaa myös tutustua suomalaiseen LENR-teknologiaan liittyvään patenttihakemukseen otsikolla THERMAL-ENERGY PRODUCING SYSTEM AND METHOD. Tuon patenttihakemuksen takana on pieni suomalainen startup-yritys nimeltä Etiam Oy. Yritys on saanut Keksintösäätiöltä rahoitusta vuosina 2012 ja 2013.

    talk of Pekka haavisto and Etiam Oy petena

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    the article…ostaa-avaruusromua-822015
    seems to be an announce for a radio broadcast, that will happen at 21.05 local time
    if some Finnish member can follow it and make a report?

  • Kylmäfuusio kiinnostaa - Avaruusromua 8.2.2015

    Avaruusromua seems to be a music program in YLE, Finnish National Radio. They play special genres of music and talk about various subjects ranging from Tibetan culture to art, consciousness and universe. I have not heard their show before, but here is the translation of the web page (The same content is supposed to be in the actual radio show, as told by Esa, but I can’t listen it now. Audio track should be available for 30 days, but I don't know if there is some music copyright related limitations on where you can listen it). One interesting point of information was, that one record company is channeling some funds for cold fusion research.

    I heard about this radio program just today, so I did not have a change to listen it live yesterday.

    Here is the translation from Finnish:

    Interest in Cold Fusion – Space Debris

    Is it possible to produce almost free energy in unlimited way? Energy production, which does not produce radiation or toxic waste? Energy production, which does not produce hazardous emissions?

    When current nuclear power plants produce energy, they split atoms. They split them into lighter forms of elements and in addition to energy, they produce lethal radioactive waste. Waste, which is lethal for one hundred thousand years, and even after that it is not totally harmless.

    It is no miracle, that there is an interest towards cold fusion. Current nuclear power plants are fission plants, they split atoms. Instead, in fusion atom atoms are merged, and it also produces energy. The problem with fusion has been the high temperature needed. Since the end of 1980s there has been some talk on cold fusion, it has been investigated if it would be possible to achieve fusion without high temperatures, thus producing large amounts of energy for humankind without pollution. Many scientists and researchers have been searching cold fusion for decades. Cold fusion is, still, a big dream in energy production.

    Until now, the most famous claim for cold fusion was presented by scientists Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons in 1989. Their thoughts and experiments got a large amount of publicity, but soon their experimental results were put in doubts. Also, at the same time Italian Francesco Piantelli began to investigate cold fusion based on nickel and hydrogen. In 2013 he was awarded European patent on producing energy from nuclear reactions between nickel and hydrogen.

    Another Italian researcher, Andrea Rossi, has also developed nickel hydrogen cold fusion reactor for many years, an American company acquired the patent and licensing rights for his method in 2014. The company plans to get cold fusion technology in commercial usage as soon as possible. And in the end of 2014 doctor Alexander Parkhomov from Moscow University told, that he managed to replicate Andrea Rossi’s cold fusion method in his own laboratory.

    Cold fusion, Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, LENR, might really be true soon. On Earth the fuel for cold fusion, nickel and hydrogen, would last for thousands of years, perhaps for millions of years. It has been estimated, that for example, for heating a normal private house for half a year, it would only take about two grams of nickel and the same amount of hydrogen. So, the fuel itself would not really cost anything, they are in abundance on Earth. So, it is no miracle, that cold fusion is being investigated in many places at the moment.

    You can influence with music, both the present and the future. Record label JFFR is channeling the profits from Lackluster (Esa Ruoho’s) album Lexicon of Gods into research and support of cold fusion. In Avaruusromu now Cold Fusion and miraculous music:

    Music in AVARUUSROMUA 8.2.2015:

    LACKLUSTER: Beep Terrace (Lexicon of Goods)
    LACKLUSTER: CombiA13 (Lexicon of Goods)
    LACKLUSTER: Purple Rooms (Lexicon of Goods)
    LACKLUSTER: Windup (Lexicon of Goods)
    PAM: Freshly Written Window (PAM)
    UTU LAUTTURI: Et valu verta / 'Tis Not Blood (Nielu)
    UTU LAUTTURI: Teetä maatuneista lehdistä / Pu-Erh Tea (Nielu)
    UTU LAUTTURI: Pelkkää pihkaa / Only Sap (Nielu)
    LAWRENCE ENGLISH: Graceless Hunter (Wilderness of Mirrors)
    LAWRENCE ENGLISH: Hapless Gatherer (Wilderness of Mirrors)
    RICHARD GLOVER: Imperfect Harmony (Logical Harmonies)

    Lower block of text:
    Interest in cold fusion.

    Is it possible to produce almost free energy in unlimited way? Energy production, which does not produce radiation or toxic waste? Energy production which does not produce hazardous emissions? Cold fusion means fusion reaction without high temperatures. Many scientists and researchers around the world have been searching cold fusion for decades. Cold fusion is, still, a large dream in energy production. In Avaruusromu, cold fusion and miraculous music: Lackluster, PAM, Utu Lautturi, Lawrence English and Richard Glover. Reporter Jukka Mikkola.

  • Just listened it this evening at home, it is one hour of electronic music and basically everything on cold fusion was already in the translation.

    I did also check Lackluster webpage: https://jellyfishfrequency.ban…ckluster-lexicon-of-goods,
    it seems he donates the earnings from this album to The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. They have a link to and it seems they have been promoting cold fusion even earlier:…album/va-moebius-chambers .

    Interesting mix between popular culture and science.

  • By the way, I don't know what is cold fusion music?

    Could be music created by recording the sounds of Cold Fusion devices, or the actual EMF / Etc radiation / field reactions of said devices / reactions.

    On the other hand, music is so experimental nowadays that someone could probably do a concept album based on running a microphone through a few LENR/CANR journals and flicking the pages of these journals and making beats out of that. We'll see:)