2004: ENEL refused to investigate LENR by fear of bad press despite perceived reality. 2003 EDF asked CEA to research, who refused.

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    Vessela Nikolova in a article reports fascinating story around electric utilities in Italy (ENEL) and France (EDF).
    ENEL, aware of Cold Fusion reality but afraid of bad publicity and uncertain applications refused to pursue research.
    Meanwhile EDF asked CEA to investigate, but CEA did nothing, even if EDF itself openend a lab in Paris.


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    I could add this piece from my book 'An Impossible Invention':

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    While working with Focardi in Bondeno, Rossi would again experience the impression that he did not get the support he wanted in Italy.
    In summer 2009 he contacted Italy’s major utility Enel—the second-largest in Europe—through his friend Giuliano Guandalini. Guandalini had a rich network of contacts among powerful people in Italy. Among others, he was closely acquainted with Enel Chairman Piero Gnudi and discussed with him whether Enel would be interested in evaluating Rossi’s technology. As a result, Enel had two of their engineers visit Bondeno to measure the E-Cat accurately. In early July 2009 they filed a positive technical report. Enel made an offer to Rossi but Rossi soon realized that he could not accept the terms. Guandalini explained why.
    “Enel had drafted a proposal for collaboration with Rossi and suggested that the company would finance the entire development cost. But Enel refused to recognize or pay for the work Rossi had already performed. The remuneration Rossi requested was modest. For years of study and for costs and investments, he specified an amount that Enel would not recognize and this was why contact between Enel and Rossi ceased.
    “I later called Dr. Gnudi again and said that I was sorry that Italy would miss such an important opportunity. Gnudi said that he could not do anything. He explained that at the operational level the CEO of Enel was more important than the chairman.
    “I never talked with the CEO, Dr. Fulvio Conti, only with an engineer, Livio Vido, Conti’s spokesman. Rossi heard directly from Vido, who manages development of new technologies and innovative energy sources. I was present. But obviously the announcement from Vido came directly from Dr. Conti, as CEO. In other words Dr. Conti took the unfortunate decision to terminate relations with Rossi, though the chairman tried to continue the project.”
    I contacted Enel to get a comment on this incident but I never got any response.
    - - - -
    (An Impossible Invention, chapter 7).

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    Andrea Rossi himself (the style is coherent, and probably Vessela checked) have commented that story :

    Jacques Dufour and Pierre Clauzon are the scientists who replicated LENR in CNAM for Shell
    Old granted patent: LENR reactor by jacques Dufour (CNAM) for Shell

    Shell Ideas360 global competition

    Pierre Clauzon is also named to have worked with Jacques Dufour and Jean-Paul Biberian with MFMP in EU...

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    note the answer of Andrea Rossi on Vessy's blog: