OpenPower/Ugo Abundo: Progettazione di repliche e modifiche del reattore di A. Parkhomov




    Design of replicas and changes of reactor A. Parkhomov (inspired to ENEL cat) in the laboratory Open Power

    The experimental campaign ITAbetatron, there is also the replication process that is believed to take place nell'E- cat, and the study of variants which aim to innalzarne performance such as controllability, efficiency etc., by the adoption of specific criteria that inform the such experiments.

    Based on the recent experiments of the Russian scientist Alexander Parkhomov, relationships independent sull'E- cat, and the campaign began to MFMP, puts the emphasis on the serious security problems, both in the preparation of reagents that in the execution of evidence.
    In this regard, it is believed to provide the details of the equipment that have been chosen to carry out the campaign, just launched, the results of which will be presented and discussed at the conference ICCF19 of April 2015.
    The set- up is divided into experimental 4 sections, modularly composable:

    some better translation welcome...

  • Here an italian article on that new replication project :…test-di-lugano-sulle-cat/

    Results will be presented at ICCF19

    Cold Fusion now propose an article on that experiment in process…licating-parkhomov-e-cat/
    it is translated in a much better way than google.

    Very professional setup with good safety practice.