oilprice.com - Andrea Rossi Vindicated? Cold Fusion Takes Another Step Towards Credibility

  • Much more things are happening than what we are allowed to see.
    However even if many actors are moving undercover, there is a strong opposition from the physicist and all those trained in that domain.
    i won't be surprised that contrary to logic, some to top lever decision maker may be convinced, against their lower level experts.
    this is happening at least in one case.

    note also that beside the nuclear physicist and all their satellites, there are, for the few informed, growing desire to participate.

    you find scientists in material science , nanotech, chemistry, energy, and many top decision makers. only requirement is, beside not being nuclear physicist, to be informed.

    this is why transmitting evidence, looking serious to serious people, being without any hope to see people answer, is important.

    Many problem of cold fusion, like difficulties to reproduce, are simply normal for some scientists.
    Evidences that are rejected because impossible, by nuclear physicist, are simply convincing for other kind of scientists, for business and government decision makers.

    As I read in a article and tweeted, science is no exception to good logic and common sense,.


    The remedy for all this confusion is simple: We must abandon the idea that science is distinct from the rest of human rationality. When you are adhering to the highest standards of logic and evidence, you are thinking scientifically. And when you’re not, you’re not.