French science vulgarization journal feature Cold Fusion E-cat LENR

  • today a colleague showed me an article in french, in a minor science vulgarization journal"le grand guide des inventions qui vont changer le monde" in "Merveille de la science", "the big guide of inventions that will change the world", in the magazine "Marvels of Science"...…et-techniques_174738.html

    there was also in similar minor magazine, "science positive" my own article... a bit obsolete, because written before Lugano report.
    This one is much lighter, but not bad after reading. It distanciates E-cat from cold fusion, naming it LENR.
    It stays prudent but state that nobody could prove any unreality and refer to some recent replications (Parkhomov I suspect)...
    It shows the design of the old 1MW container...
    A box on cold fusion not too negative.... confirm opposition but "debate continues"

    Above any hope for french journal. :thumbup: