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    Dear Colleagues,
    We inform you that on Wednesday 11/3/2015 at the Physics Department of Moscow State University
    in the auditorium C-65.
    meeting will be held Moscow Seminar "Physics of ball lightning and physico-chemical processes in long-lived high-energy plasma and objects" (Session number 42).
    During the meeting 18.30 h.
    The theme of the seminar:
    1. Prof. AI Nikitin "Rossi Generator for pedestrians"

    Everyone is welcome
    The workshop
    Dr. M. Sciences VL Bychkov
    8-916 0257091
    [email protected]

    Bureau of the Seminar:
    Prof. Y. Burtan
    a. F.-AY Sciences Grjaznov
    to Ph. D. Sciences VV Nizovtsev

    Published March 10, 10:24


  • New LENR related article was published today in a Russian Business Daily newspaper VZGLIAD (Взгляд) VZ.RU. This was by one of the analysts, Vasily Kaltashov, I have provided an overview of one of his video interviews in the earlier posts. Here is the link to the original article:

    Here is translation that I did using translate service at and then redacting the automatic translation making sure it is more readable in English than "translation robots" could produce.

    Vasily Kaltashov: Who Owns the Energy Owns the World
    March 12, 2015

    E-Cat generators are preparing to hit the market. Whatever the secrecy of the process, the experts will know everything. Now Russia must have a ready answer to the new generation of technologies from USA.

    I am not at all surprised that Andrea Rossi began to appear in the photo with the American flag pin on the lapel of his jacket. USA gave the inventor of the E-Cat (energy generator of entirely new type) the opportunity to come close to the industrial application of this invention.

    On October 8, 2014 in Los Alamos electronic publications archive ( <author probably means Cornell University Library of electronic archives> was published the next report of the independent scientific panel on the test operation of the heat generator E-Cat. Six prominent professors from Italy and Sweden were testing out the installation for 32 days. This was done without participation of A. Rossi.

    The parameters of the E-Cat reactor’s work were measured. Six months were spent on the processing of the results and analysis. Conclusion surprised many who were skeptical about the work of the Italian scientist.

    Member of the International Representative Committee on the problem of Cold Nuclear Transmutation of (CNT), nuclear physicist Yuri Bazhutov described the result: "the Generator was working and producing an incredible amount of heat - energy density millions of times greater than the combustion of any organic fuel of the same weight and 3.7 times greater than consumed energy.

    Within the device the changed the isotopic composition of "combustible" materials (H, Ni, Li, Al) was also observed, i.e., it was the nuclear reactions that produced this heat." And no nuclear radiation was detected anywhere near the installation, which is very important.

    In the recent years there were a lot of accusations of Rossi for "excessive secrecy". These are hardly fair. Scientist relied on commercial exploitation of E-Cat that was the only option that could provide personal guarantees for the pioneer. The business had to understand first how to work with his invention.

    Of course, Rossi took into account the sad experience of Nikola Tesla, who tried to convince the capitalists in the use of science for the good of mankind. Rossi seems to have found understanding of his approach in the United States. This did not happen immediately: the first E-Cat was demonstrated publicly in January of 2015 in Bologna. There the experts and the press saw the reactor’s operation with power output of 12.5 kW.

    Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi - two Italians who managed to find the key to cold nuclear fusion, discovered by Martin Fleishmann and Steven Ponce in 1989. For discoverers themselves it all ended up in scandal.

    They failed to make the correct measurements and came under fire of merciless critics, who were especially zealous after seeing what type hype their statements created in the American press. Rossi did not talk much. But already in October 2011 he introduced his first one megawatt reactor for his first client, as well as scientists and engineers that were checking his work.

    Some problems existed. But his installation produced 470 kW of continuous power during 5.5 hours of operation in self-sustained mode. It consisted of 100 reactor modules, each with three reaction compartments in them, making it in total 300 reaction chambers.

    “Orthodox” physicists all over the world then ignored Rossi again.

    Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Anri Rukhadze, described the incident: "According to all canons of physics such thing could not exist: nuclear boiler on the table? The delivery of energy with a factor of order of 10 - pure nonsense! And only a handful of "heretics" from science, engaged in so-called Cold Nuclear Fusion (CNF), supported him.

    Rossi behaved unpredictably, but not the way as you would expect from a rogue and a charlatan, that he was accused of being by the “orthodox” scientists. He asked no one for money; on the contrary, he sold his house to jumpstart his research. Scientist avoided the interviews. He was showing the work of e-Cat mostly to businessmen".

    Bazhutov notes that Rossi was not eager to engage in dialogue with preachers of traditional nuclear physics. The inventor said: "the best proof that I was right all along will be a commercial device available on the market!

    "And the hard work did pay off. His commercial approach to the solution of the problem also helped. Rossi has not promised to mankind a free flow of energy, and business liked that approach.

    "The attempts to catch Rossi in fraud have failed. There were no additional energy sources connected to his device" stressed Alexander Karabut, employee of research company Luch and the state agency Rosatom. Gradually the attitude toward the scientist began to change". That's why NASA has opened its arms for Rossi and he did not refuse to be embraced by them.

    Rossi ended up in the United States. It was not only lucrative move for him, but also gave him a greater personal security. Rukhadze believes that "the United States intends to take complete control of a new source of energy as the one country that owns it, will come out far ahead in the technology race and get rid of the carbohydrate dependency. NASA, therefore, is only a part of the American "cold fusion" project.

    The United States hope to not only continue to lock financial flows down on itself , but also on the basis of new technologies – a nearly free, clean, limitless energy to carry out a new industrialization of the country focused on exports. This will throw the other countries back if they won’t start the change process as well.

    We can expect the rapid development of Cold Nuclear Transmutation of (CNT is a new and more correct name for this phenomenon as compared to CNF, Cold Nuclear Fusion). We already have seen and we can expect more breakthroughs, both theoretical and experimental.

    Recently in Russia appeared a news release that probably was not too pleasant for our American counterparts. We had successfully tested the antigravity engine by Vladimir Leonov. Karabut said: "Attempts to keep the invention of Rossi under the lock and key in the United Sates are going to fail. There are dozens of laboratories around the world where scientists are now trying to uncover the secret of the "silent Italian", to find the principles of work of his catalytic reactor and to create a theory of the process".

    At the same time market is being prepared for the arrival of E-Cat generators. No matter how secretive is this process; the experts will eventually know everything. In Russia we only need a more favorable attitude by the state toward the science, to have a ready answer for the new generation of American technologies.

    When in September of last year (before the Nobel <probably author means Lugano paper> verification of E-Cat) we talked with Bazhutov, we came to an important conclusion: the US is already betting on the revolution in energy and may soon start to begin to see some payback. It is known in advance – the overall payback is going to be huge. However, Russia is among the leading countries in the research of CNT even in the complete absence of the dedicated funding.

    In our country we have a Coordination Council on problems of CNT, annual conference and monthly seminars, and this is despite the resistance from “orthodox” nuclear physicists. Our country only needs to evaluate and to prepare the technological response to the challenge by the United States.

    We have about a dozen of patents in our country that are based on the CNT principles and are aimed at obtaining additional energy. Some researchers have been able to get small investment financing for their work.However, some scientists, unfortunately, are forced to work abroad. Meanwhile, Rossi works hard, and his stand-alone generators of electricity are prepared to change the industry in the United States. This will definitely happen, and we should be ready for it.

    "The Sanctions War" against Russia by the will of Washington may go far. The USA sees our country not as a partner, but as a threat to their dominance in Europe. The success of Rossi gives US a chance to retain the role of global financial and industrial center, undermining the position of other strong players.

    But the long-term decline of prices in the oil market will not necessarily spell disaster for the Russian economy. American politicians have to be careful and be aware that by no coincidence our scientists have made so many discoveries in the twentieth century.

  • Google translate

    Alexander Prosvirnov


    February 21, 2013 on the website of the Government of the Russian Federation was published " Strategy of development of the Russian Arctic and national security for the period up to 2020 ", approved by President Vladimir Putin [1]. Development of the northern latitudes becomes a priority. Do not forget the prophecy of Mikhail Lomonosov "The power of Russia will grow through Siberia.

    In the "Strategy of socio-economic development of Siberia until 2020" [2] adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation in August 2010, is expected in the next decade with plans to intensive exploration, the development of new mineral deposits, reconstruction and development of the Northern Sea Route, preservation unique environment and culture of all ethnic groups living in the Arctic with the condition to improve their quality of life. The document notes that the Siberian part of the Arctic in the first half of the XXI century will occupy a key position in ensuring national and resource security of the Russian Federation, in maintaining the country's competitive advantage in world markets and to build economic capacity in general. Development of the northern latitudes Russia supported by Government regulations, orders and decrees of the President of the Russian Federation (see. Table).


    All the activities of the industry to increase the competitiveness of traditional NPP is to reduce the cost of specific capital investments in the construction of nuclear power plants by increasing the unit capacity of power and reduce construction time, that is in conflict. This international experience has shown and Areva in Olkiluoto nuclear power plant where a start delay is simply indecent. Arctic no need for powerful power units, and the specific value units of small power required there dramatically increases inversely power unit compared to, for example, a specific value of power unit power 1200MVt. The aforementioned contradiction is insoluble in the traditional paradigm of nuclear installations. A qualitative leap in technology to overcome this contradiction. And technology installations on low-energy nuclear reactions (NEYAR) gives it a qualitative leap, which can satisfy the requirements for such installations in difficult Arctic conditions. Implementation A.G.Parhomovym long-term experiment with analogue E-Sat NT A. Rossi gives hope sufficiently fast implementation of engineering design has a nickel-hydrogen heat source for the Arctic. The research program of low-energy nuclear reactions [3] for the Russian Academy of Sciences, and for our industry, and specifically for the Arctic overdue. Ignore the facts of successful reproduction experiments NEYAR, namely nonreproducibility NEYAR explain their inaction science officials already equivalent to "burying their heads in the sand."Late, gentlemen, for the distribution of "elephants" [7], [8], [9].

  • Russia may lose the advantage of Oil, but may also benefit from LENR for Siberia, a place with many mineral resources, and why not road and sea transportation between Europe and Asia...

    The is no advantage in trying to delay LENR, but huge advantage in finding as fast as possible to exploit it.

  • Andrei Petrovich Hrischanovich continues to work with reactors in Russia

    To a temperature of 390 degrees, the effects are not observed. Probably Technical hydrogen from the tank is not suitable. Make your own hydrogen generator of high pressure on the titanium hydride. The online broadcast is stopped because of manufacturing and installation of a new reactor of quartz. Guests online display video posted on YouTube on a new reactor.

    AP Hrischanovich