Michel vandenberghe of LENR-Cities, invited as Visionary Speaker for "2b AHEAD" Future Congress in June

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    Michel Vandenberghe of LENR Cities, just informed me he was invited as speaker for the "Future Congress" of 2B_Ahead think tank in Germany. It will be on 16th of June, with a attendance of few hundred of CEO. He is in the "Visionary" category.


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    Interesting. But I guess Michel is only talking about business relations and possibilities of LENR?
    Not about current developments on the technical level (Parkhomov, Lugano) etc.?

    Probable, as for that LENRG invite their core researchers like Yogi Srivastava, Paolo Tripodi...
    The audience is CEO, so they are aware ;)

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    Michel recently apeared o their website among the speakers

    Michel Vandenberghe
    LENR Cities SA, Founder, CEO, Frankreich

    The founder and CEO explains why LENR is the rediscovery of cold fusion and how it will revolutionize most industries.

    The speaker are very varied. That is a good news cld fusion is among the guest!

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    I have more and more the impression that what we see as normal business, normal cty, normal work, normal lifestyle is just a parenthesis in history.

    current life model is based on the industrial revolution, which provided great improvement in life with huge and centralized capital, in factories, in power plants, in multinational manufacturers and traders.
    Their size was required to reduce the cost and improve our life.
    The notion of full time employee with monthly salary is linked to that capital concentration.
    The nation state also is linked to centralized capital. Marx and goldman sachs are emerging from that concentration, which was required.

    Today things are getting back to more localized capital, even if there are global (not national) platforms.
    Salary work is moving to self-entrepreneur work, like Uber, AirBnb,blablacar. the capital used is the one of individual, and a cheap platform, that don't even need to own his own computer, his own IT developer (they can hire, rent), can coordinate self-employees and clients.
    The crowd of clients can replace the opinion of the manager. the crowd of self employee can replace the police and attorneys to spot bad clients.
    Nation state have no meaning, but community is a key. a bad driver can lose his reputation on Uber, and be put in virtual jail by the crowd.

    It looks awful, but this is the way I see it in small community in Indonesia. It is more local, and Bu Dar is the local Uber... if a driver don't respect a VIP client, Bu Dar will send a VIP driver and restrict the careless driver. Pak Dar own cars but hire neighbours to drive them.

    it looks awful for some...

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    The presentaion is planned on 17th of June at 9h45 (the second day)

    I hope it will raise awareness.