Energetics Technologies patent deemed to be withdrawn ...

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    On EPO site it appeas that one patent of Energetics LLc is deemed to be witdrawn

    it seems they did not pay the fees. maybe they abandoned that application.

    the patent describe an electrolythic cells, with superwaves modulated current, and independently ultrasound excitation.


    There is provided a method and apparatus for generating thermal energy in an electrolytic cell (100; 200), The cell has a cathode electrode (12; 212) and an anode electrode (13; 213) immersed in an electrically conductive electrolyte (11; 211), The apparatus comprises a modulated current power supply (14, 15; 214, 215) connected to the cathode and anode electrodes, a computer (16; 216) connected to the power supply and an ultrasonic transmitter (250"; 514, 516) coupled to the cell. The computer is programmed to generate within the power supply and supply to the electrodes a superwaves pattern of current wherein the superwaves pattern includes a major current wave (W1) having a predetermined period and a plurality of minor current waves (W2, W3, W4) superimposed on the major current wave forming a train of electrical current packets supplied to the electrodes. The ultrasonic transmitter provides ultrasonic excitation to the cathode electrode (12; 212) during application of the train of electrical current packets to the electrode pair.

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  • Alain,

    Does the EPO require ever increasing fees for maintaining a patent?

    To my knowledge the USPTO still does, and last I knew, the fee structure became quite steep as the years pass. It is presumably there to provide an economic incentive, [particularly onerous to the "little guy"] to abandon a patent before expiration. The rationale is presumably to place any innovation disclosed in the patents into the public domain--- allowing others to use such to further advance the art, technology and science.

    One also cannot ignore that it makes the patent bureaucracy revenue.... which makes the various national and international Patent Offices more self-supporting.... at the probable expense of discouraging disclosure of innovation by individual and small corporate players.

    In any csse, such abandonments may ONLY reflect economics and not necessarily the quality or utility of the technology. It is good reason to pay even greater attention to such patents for clues--- as you have here. Thanks.


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    A power generation system for converting organic fuel into thermal energy and electric power. A reaction of organic fuel with highly reactive species generated from a catalytic media of suspended silica particles induces an enhanced exothermic reaction within a reaction chamber. The enhanced …

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