Hot fusion Power talk

  • Fusion Power: Within Our Grasp? – Talk by Steve Cowley, 21 April | 25/03/2015Find out how nuclear fusion could power your world in the future – from one of the leading experts in the field. Professor Steve Cowley will be the speaker at Didcot Café Scientifique at the Cornerstone Arts Centre on Tuesday 21 April at 7.30pm.

    Professor Cowley is Director of Culham Centre for Fusion Energy and will talk about the research underway here at CCFE. With concerns over climate change and the environmental damage caused by fossil fuels, the hunt for alternative sources of energy is crucial, and nuclear fusion could play a huge role.

    “Nuclear fusion is the perfect way of getting energy apart from one thing: it’s really hard to get right,” says Professor Cowley. “But we’re well on the way with experiments like JET and MAST at Culham – it’s really important that we have fusion for the future as there aren’t many other options out there.”

    Fusion Power: Within Our Grasp? is a special Café Scientifique event in association with Didcot First and Culham Centre for Fusion Energy. It is part of the ‘Making a Sun on Earth’ art and photography exhibition that CCFE is currently running at the Cornerstone.

    Tickets for the talk cost £2.50 and can be booked from the Cornerstone box office on 01235 515144 or at: