Some synthetic documents about LENR science, reality,...

  • On vortex there are currently discussion about the number of replication.
    an interesting paper is given, from Ed Storms and T Grimshaw…schmannPonsEffect2009.pdf

    It list the number of replication, the technology of calorimetry used, and others effect.
    It also discussus about the pseudo-science criteria often wrongly applied to cold article to read.

    here is the preface and ToC of Ed Storms book

    Ed Storms announce also his next book, and talks of skeptopath


    Thanks Kevin. My next book will be more interesting than usual because it evaluates theory. More than a few cages will be rattled.

    As for the skeptopaths, they are not worth the time. These people are clearly not rational. Some human minds are not designed to accept reality most of us enjoy. These people have their own reality that will not change regardless of the evidence. Their attitude toward cold fusion is only an example. I suspect you will find the rest of their reality to be equally distorted.

    Ed Storms

  • Jed Rothwell a small contest by SciAm.
    He wrote a little essay on Cold Fusion, history, challenges and future...…ll_FQXI_submission_es.pdf

    short synthesis, with some bitter critics of common errors agains LENR.