Airbus Patent seems based on strong experience, is innovative, and reveal some LENR facts.

  • Following hints from Rob Woudenberg and Dr Sonneburg I reanalysed the description of Airbus LENR reactor patent.
    This patent include many details, that support the idea that it is working.
    Like Defkalion, this reactor heat some nanostructured metallic foam, then excite hydrogen with HF electric fields.
    One key is that it is important not to activate RF when temperature is too low (500K), because it produce gamma. Their design integrate the thermoelectric generator as a key element, allowing safe shutdown, and sensing temperature to avoid premature triggering, even in case of software dysfunction.
    The patent also contain many theoretical claims.
    They claim their reactor allows, unlike competitors, integration in vehicles and support vibration much better.


  • Because it is just a list of ideas. There is no "recipe" of how the put those ideas in practice. Ideas can't be patented. The way you make your ideas working effectively can be patented.

  • You are right that patent have to be concrete, recipe.

    I see many recipe, but you are right the assembling itself, as described in the claims is not very detailed.

    Some think that many of what I have noticed in in fact existing claims.
    Maybe I'm too enthusiastic, by lack of detailed reading of other patents. Rob judge that many paragraph in the descripttion is prior art (in a way it is normal)

    the innovation in the claims is not really LENR, but the way the reactor is organised, integrating TEG as sensor and energy source, plus integrated safety. this seems to be the main innovation... good engineering in fact.

    I understand you feeling now, as the paragraph that I quoted are not claim but description.
    This is mostly prior art.

    the claim finally, like many patent is based on a trick, on good engineering, not on a physicist discovery...

  • This is a very interesting document. It seems likely that it is a "draft" for further editing. Also it could be a "fantasy production" but Alain is correct that it unlikely to be created with malevolent intent. Too many interesting ideas and details for that. Perhaps not obvious to casual non-English readers: This "patent" was surely not originated as English text. My German is weak, but it appears that some of the complex descriptions and concepts still retain what may be the original German that did not run through the translating program into English. I'm saving this "patent" text for future reference, regardless of its many idiosyncrasies and probable deficiencies.

  • As I've heard, this patent is in fact very limited to the idea to use TEG to increase safety.
    The most interesting is in fact in the description and is to be considered as "public knowledge".

    My informations is that it have no relation with Defkalion, except by the public data they shared, like many other scientists and startups.
    The timing is unrelated to ICCF18 demo. I've heard what it is related to, but that is their business.

    Things happen because the work and effort of creative and dynamic people. :thumbup:

    No idea if that patent is defensive or not, if it will be useful in the future.