me356: Reactor parameters [part 1]

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    Hopefully tommorow new series of tests will start.
    At least one photo from the heater testing in the attachment - constant 1500°C is no problem there.

    I am really satisfied with the current development. With this reactor there is potential for COP 5-10. We will see soon!

    But paralelly plasma reactor is in preparation as well. Greetings, me356!

    Well done and thank you for sharing!

  • Streaming will be not available yet. But don't be afraid. The results will be really worth.
    It is hard to express my happines, but YES! Everybody will be able to try it and convince yourself that it works!
    I would like to share everything, but can't at the moment. Please be patient.

    Certainly, nobody can't stop the revolution now.

  • I don't intend to be a Rossi clone. We do not need any investor, any secret customer or wait years for results. I strongly believe that a working device will be available in terms of weeks. This mean sooner than the e-cat.

    Required data are available for approx. 100 years. You only have to search. There is so much to learn.

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    Oops, I mean't that in a positive, funny way., but it obviously did not come out that way.

    Many of us had high expectations of a successful 1 year test, followed by a long and prosperous relationship between IH/Rossi. Both those hopes now appear unlikely. It is a letdown. What I, and we all hope is that me356 has something that passes blog peer review, and that he reveal's it soon. It would be nice if he did so before IH's response to the lawsuit, as that would take some of the sting off.

    I have every appreciation of what you replicators do.

    By the way, do my 3 "unlikes" subtract from my "likes". :)

  • Hopefully tommorow new series of tests will start.
    At least one photo from the heater testing in the attachment - constant 1500°C is no problem there.

    I am really satisfied with the current development. With this reactor there is potential for COP…

    Good luck tomorrow when you start up! Looks like you will get there first, apart from the selfish Doctor of course. Don't worry just yet about proving beyond all doubt that it works just exactly like you say it does. Simply satisfy yourself first of all that it's reproducible, then some friends, then us folks here, then the school physics teachers, then the conventional physicists (who will still be saying it's just not possible), then the tabloid press, then the skeptics and finally the trolls (if you can be bothered with that low form of life). There is now the KNOWLEDGE required to make a successful re-discovery of LENR. I am willing to wait patiently for a week or two. Accurate verifiable testing can follow a month or two later. P.S. I believe ~1000 degrees C should be high enough temperature if you have a sufficient Piantelli trigger switched on while you are heating up... Good luck!

    Edit: Melting point of nickel is 1455C. Reaction stops dead if nickel fuses. IIRC the Lugano demonstration finished at <1400C.

  • Me356,

    Let's consider your results as valid. There's a paradox; If it is so tough to trigger the process; That means that LENR is systemic and understanding the role of each part is not enough. It seems that there's more chance to win at the lottery than to find a valid configuration. If you have one valid configuration, nothing to do with the chance... It is a gift....
    Easy to share with 1hour spent to write down a general specification about configuration and operations. If there's no artefact, you will know and everybody will know.

    I'm wondering if LENR is not like the Ring of the Lord of the Rings... :)

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    It is just the sentence after, once upon a time...
    The remain is the most difficult, to develop applications and get rewarded for the efforts.

    The most solid IP for this kind of effort is your name.
    Patents get turned around.
    Knowhow leaks and is replicated.
    But your name stay your name, and the associated trust is what is the core of business.

  • Some news!

    Reactor A melted, excess heat was present, fuel chamber boiled, hydrogen catched fire. Fail..

    Reactor B (utilizing plasma) is made mainly from quartz tube. So the plasma is visible and it is glowing very nicely. This is not a replication, but very different kind of reactor.

    This reactor was not loaded with any Lithium, only trace of Nickel and mainly Tungsten.
    After tuning ionization parameters I have found something interesting. Abnormal temperature spikes occured from time to time. So I have tried to set optimal conditions. After a while of fine-tuning, temperature shooted so high that COP 2 was achieved. It was rather coincidence that I have proceeded in this way..
    Because temperature increased so high (just in 1 second) I have immediately turned off the stimulation as I was afraid. I am sure that the COP would increase to at least 4.
    I have verified detectors, everything was in normal level.
    When turned off, temperature dropped immediately, but not completely and excess heat was still present (with logarithmic declination) for at least 10 minutes until returned to its original level (no excess heat).

    Before I have started with tuning, I have found that there was high energetic neutron burst. So my focus stayed on the detector all the time and fortunately I was unable to detect anything more.

    Excess heat was triggered at 350°C.
    Power level during the test was constant. Reactor glowed enormously (purple to white color). Plasma was in 3/4 of the fuel chamber, even where anode/kathode was not present which was quite interesting.

    Really satisfied! This experiment is probably moving the research to another level as the development and production can be simplified significantly.

    For today I have turned everything off - I have to check what happened.

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    10 minute logarithmic decay of excess heat seems not typical of thermal inertia (do you have measure the time to cool?), but may be nuclear decay ?

    something to check maybe?
    since you detectors detected nothing , it should be moderate alpha or beta?
    if you can measure a decay period (halfing of excess heat may be an indication) it may give hint to what is happening.

  • In the past you very admirably performed your experiments openly, with advance info on reactor design.

    Sorry if this is too blunt, but it seems now that you are claiming miracles, you are doing the Rossi strip tease routine in secret and crucially withholding how you supposedly trigger LENR at will.

    Don't you think the community could have some valuable input into how and why your reactor melted and if you really did see excess heat?

    Please experiment openly in the future.

  • Sorry folks. I have watched the merciless flock of pigeons descend on open science practitioners. Science by committee rarely works; science by rabble mob never works. Let's leave the person who is @me356 to work in peace.

    @me356, we take you at your word and that is good enough. Let us know how we can assist.