Will the world wake up with a peer review for the Rossi effect

  • Will the world wake up with a peer reviewed for the Rossi effect 16

    1. Yes (8) 50%
    2. No (6) 38%
    3. We will not a see peer reviewed for Rossi effect. (2) 13%

    Peer review - LENR/Coldfusion in May 2015 - Rossi effect - Rumors

    Also Rossi hints about this,

    March 29th, 2015 at 2:18 PM
    Can you inform us about when your paper will be published in a peer reviewed magazine?

    Andrea Rossi
    March 29th, 2015 at 7:21 PM
    I think May, but I am not sure. At the moment it is under peer reviewing.
    Warm Regards,

    This would be welcome..

    As we noted earlier, the scientific journal "Current Science" have a new magazine that seriously looking into LENR / Cold Fusion.(Peer review)

  • Right,
    nothing else nature and Science will be accepted.
    Naturwissenschaften, Current Science, JJAP, Journal of electroanalythical chemistry, all peer reviewed, all ignored.

    Of course give what they did, Nature and Science will wait for the president of the USA to lead, and he will wait for his advisors who will wait for nature and Science paper, OR for "something greater".

    the solution is not in peer review, it is in the "something greater".

    One could be a media bomb, but like the president, most media will wait for nature and Science, or for "something greater".

    I know that some financial journal are 100% aware of what is happening, but the article of their journalist are blocked by the boss. They know more than what is public.

    so what ?

    Did you see a campaign to say Japanese government, Italian government , Airbus CTO and CS, are all supporting fringe science ? not even... just silence.

    something that works, not a demo, not a single possibility to imagin even an incredible conspiracy involving less than 10000 fraudsters from all the planet up to the POTUS level...

    I am not even sure that Rossi's 1MW client will remove the cover.

    maybe the revolution will be what make science move :

    Money. :D

    When dozens of good universities, like Tohoku, Uni Mizzou, TTU, XXX ( :rolleyes: ), will be funded with big $$$$ by big corps like Airbus, Boeing, Cherokee, MHI, Toyota, Siemens, Areva/EDF, ... scientist will see the reality where the paycheck is, as usual. :evil:

    What is helping that is that EU is blocking ITER funding.
    Today funding is in renewable subsidies, but when it change, science will change.

  • One day I think that there will be a peer reviewed article in a major journal, but it will be anticlimactic.

    By then LENR devices will be ubiquitous and the science journals will only be giving their seal of approval to what the public had already been using for years.

    This is an ENGINEERING process going on here, not normal science. It is 'hit and miss' experimentation that is a throwback to Edison's methods, not Tesla.

  • On n'a besoin de personne pour faire le buzz sur les LENR.
    1 seule personne par pays peut faire buzzer les lenr.
    Suffit d'avoir de la matière des news régulières et convaincantes.
    Et les publier dans les commentaires d'articles sur le nucléaire, l'énergie ou l'environnement.
    çà serait mieux d'être une dizaine par pays et de se coordonner.
    Avec une rédaction multilingue au sommet comme une agence reuters afp qui fournit la matière prête à diffuser.
    Et doucement çà va diffuser comme l'hydrogène dans les nanoparticule de nickel. Et çà va chauffer.

  • We do not need anyone to make the buzz on LENR. Only 1 person per country can make lenr buzz. All you need is some material, regular news,convincing. And publish them in the comments of articles on nuclear energy or the environment. It would be better to be ten country and coordinate. With a multilingual writing as a Reuters summit afp agency providing the material ready to broadcast. And here will slowly diffuse as hydrogen in the nickel nanoparticle. And this will get hot.

    In a way this is what happened since 2011...
    Not all happened by chance. ;)

    It seems that some serious people have been informed about LENR by ... Internet. And some even by social networks.
    Of course when serious people get informed, they go further , make meeting, research, launch projects, .. but they don't always make it public.