Infinite Energy: Rod F. Gimpel replicated Dennis Cravens

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    Infinite energy in latest issue #120
    publish an article of Rod F. Gimpel
    "My Most Successful Cold Fusion Experiments" (have to buy the magazine)

    It describe a replication of Dennis cravens "metal in carbon" demo at NI week.


    I don't have more, but any replication if quite faithful and ruling out artifact, is welcome.

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    I had access to the article of Rod Gimple, and it is an interesting experimental description.

    Rod Gimple have tried to reproduce Dennis Cravens process, but have been forced to change a little the details. The good point is that he documented many details of the differences and similarities.
    The sphere are smaller and in alluminum in a bath of sand (instread of big brass sphere in bath of aluminum beads).
    The powder is based on carbon with palladium and some gold adsorbed on the surface. Deterium is absorbed by the powder and cause the excess heat.
    Gold spiking and it's adsorption seems a key for both experiments.
    Strangely Dennis Cravens powder included magnet powder, while Rod Gimple tested external hand magnet which influenced the heat. This is a very intriguing result, that I consider in itself as a key evidence of anomalous heat. magnet should not change how heat is produced of propagated unless some quantum reaction happen.

    The calorimetry is not so trivial as the bath have to be hot, and that when comparing the blank sphere with the active sphere, the active warm the inactive a little.
    The difference is few degrees around a hundred... clear because of the differential method, but far from brutal evidences.

    This article discuss also of some previous experiments, similar to Patterson cells...
    He talk also of a granted patent with Dennis Cravens, Vince Golubic, and Dennis Letts.
    It is also the occasion to remind the danger of chemistry experiments, and risk for heath. I see two description of accidents and health damage (dust poisoning, and explosion).

    Something to read for experimenters, and maybe some contact to get with the author...
    Cold Fusion is a method for health-extension.
    LENR-Forums promotes life-extension article like that one.... be careful guys :S