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  • In that thread I propose we put the general news of ICCF...
    the bloggers that fowllo like :
    Dr Bob
    E-cat world…pril-13-2015-live-thread/

    some general artcles

    like Peter Gluck:


  • Live broadcast from Padova

    Unfortunately,the sound is not so good

    Thx Drbob

    Tom Darden start

    Tom Darden - speaking about cold fusion / ecat in Italy

    Tom Darden
    speaking about Cold Fusion LENR at ICCF19

    Tom Darden - new energy technologies

    Tom Darden - speaking about ECAT



    Tom Darden speaksFocussing on his environmental credentials and is at pains to recognise the sacrifice of the LENR community.Well balanced speech.


    AlainCo ‏@alain_co 1 timför 1 timme sedan
    tom darden. No tech news. Commited to fight pollution. Fund other lenr team. Want work w big corp. Timeline=patience.

    Check aslo the Chat
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  • not much beside what is in the tweet.
    The transcript make me understand more, but the key information is that Tom Darden invested in two other LENR startup. He propose an ecosystem of researchers.
    is it competing with LENRG... why not. a good idea indeed.
    He also ask to work with big corps... what does it mean ?

  • Cold fuson Now covers that talk:
    Tom Darden at ICCF-19: “We envision an ecosystem of collaboration”…osystem-of-collaboration/

    Rethinking about the talk of Tom Darden , yesterday, his talk end with a kink of proposal toward Scientists and big companies.
    This proposal in a way is similar to the LENR-Cities idea.
    He also use the word "ecosystem", for the scientists at least.
    The proposal to work with big corps is of the same kind toward industry.

    Is it a competition? an ecosystem is not really competing with another. they live together, they benefit from other success, they share members sometime... They can form a bigger scale ecosyste, mayble less formal, less orchestrated.
    There is room for too much business that any compay can execute, and probably that any ecosystem can serve, except the planetary ecosystem.
    The work to create ecosystem, to create knowledge and know-how, to create awareness, will benefit to all LENR actors. Competition is a non-sens here.

    I a way this is also connected wth the talk of Michael McKubre who asked to collaborate together, to share information, to train the new generation, and finally to make it real.
    It is time to share and collaborate, for each actor self-interest, a mutual self-interest.

    Will Cherokee start something similar to LENRG ? He is not a pure player like LENR-Cities, but to be abble to create the huge market of LENR applications he need to collaborate with many companies and scientists. Even to develop E-cat (and why not other technologies) he need collaborations of many talents from all the planet.

    Business, like science is changing, and maye LENR will be the best place to see it in the next months or years.

  • LENR-Cities is a pure player in ecosystem development. as part of our plan, next step is to create LENR-Venture (only a temporary name) which is a new kind of investment managing company specifically designed for ecosystem. We are looking for a strategic VC partner.Welcome to [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] for the US.:- )

  • I did not see him and did not hear of his presence, but I'll check with the colleagues heres

    @pelgrim108 can we meet in Padua, I don't connect your alias with faces ?

    About Bill Gates, no news from any representative.
    The buzz says there is no news since hs last visit to Violante.

    However Violante in a presentation about a nice RF study of F&P cells (we have discussed here, it is about ~80GHz signal) told that the sponsor was an "anonymous" company, and National Instruments too.

    Today there was many technical presentation, some intereresting even for me, some above my level.
    Too bad I missed the presentation of Mastromatteo because they changed the schedule 2 times...
    -> can someone fnd me the slides of mastromatteo presentation about LENR activated by Laser...

    many of the presenters agreed with McKubre talk yesterday promoting sharing and collaboration.

    The presentation of hagelstein on charge emission by mechanically excited copper foil was interesting, as it seems to give body t the hypothesis that phonons can be coupled to nuclear energ transition of few keV.
    I connect it to the one of Kasagi Jirohta who presented experimental evidece of a huge screening factor, leading to possible fusion at room temperature in liquid metal bmbarded by deuterium (a strange method where one of the D in D2 bounce on the metal and hit his collegue: cooperative colliding)

    Kidwell of NRL presented result on gas loading zeolites. The most intriguing is the emission of light by LENR reactions... it seems already observed in another paper.
    Kitamura presented NiH result with some alloys... He was also coted in Tohoku research program.

  • About the buzz around Carl Page and bill gates,
    I've seen this italian article for Padova

    some unclear sentence seems to says the same


    The Defense is not the only one interested in the photo (in absolute exclusive) taken within the TSEM, near La Gatta is sitting Microsoft founder, Bill Gates. And among the frequenters of the Palazzo della Ragione, these days, seems to circumvent incognito some Google executives.

    I will ask Mathieu Valat or colleagues when I see them.
    If they say Carl Page is around, they are probably right.

  • Here is the link on MFMP facebook with the claim that Carl Page is around…ect/posts/955893337774699

    Dr Bb make his decription of the day 2

    Peter gluck about todays planned presentation and MFMP F&P replication to came

  • Today 4 technical presentations :
    David Knies presented first a method to make palladium sheet with a regulat <100> cristallographic structure.... He succeeded and observed that it did not make loading better.
    Impurities at the surface are the major factor. They observed that impurities formed island of impurities, and of palladium, and that loading happened by Pd islands.
    Distribution of the impurities is important and even monolayers have an impact . so in electrolytic cells, no metalic impurities should be allowed even in the top (dry) part.

    David Nagel of Nucat proposed a description of most high energy event, starting with the F&P "hole in the table", but thejn Mizuno (ICCF3) Biberian, HOkkaido,, and the said numerous E-cat explosions according to Rossi.
    He then discus of the observed craters of few um diameter. 10um mean 1uJ in 100ns, thus 8e10W/cm3 compared to 7e9 W/cm3 with TNT
    energy density is also huge (I could not take notes)

    This is something to control, for safety, but also for possible weaponization.

    Jean-Luc Paillet presented a paper co-authored with A Meulenberg about deep orbit dirac level... It is based on relativistic anomalous solution of electron density...
    Too much complicated for me.

    Francesca sarto presented a paper on cyclic voltametry to analysie the general condition of the electrode, surface contamination, morphology, roughness.
    She used CV before and after loading, and correlated with R/R0 of the electrde.
    Part of her work was to see if the CV itself was changing the parameters of the elecrodes. Finally there is small change, but much saller than the impact f loading itself.

    Beside that I've discussed and gathered some information.

    As suspected Carl Page was present, as Lowel Wood (advisor of Bill gates).
    There is many people, like someone from Nissan, 2 young scientists of CERN (private visit), and many natioalities including many Russian scientists, some Chinese academic, many Japanese, some Corean, ...

    I have the chance to have a drink with Jean-Luc Paillet,Frederic Henry-Couannier, and other young and less young enthusiast.
    Frederic is currently listing and analysing all theories compared to facts... no surviver for the moment for those based on classicl physics. Stay tuned ;-)

    He put the emphasis on many ignored experiments, mostly russians, showing the treajectory of strange particles or phenomenons...
    Baranov propose a poster on that subject...

    THis evening MFMP organized a replication in a room. I don't see any announce? or maybe is it not a dogbone, but F&P...

    Peter Gluck add some informations

  • Today there was 8 presentations and a crowded poster by Parkhomov managed by MFMP.

    Steven Katinsky presented his efforst to buid an industrial association to represent the interest of professionals and industry around LENR .
    No current industry association can really represent LENR Industry.

    In an Industry assoaciation, comparing with others, you find energy companies, trade association, manufacturers, engineering companies, professional societies, agencies, service companies, universities, and national labs....

    Steve have started to create the association named : LENRIA (LENRIA.ORG)

    it should be the voice of LENR industry in debates around public policies, with awork of advicacy and lobbying.

    Then Hagelstein presented latest work around the Nanor. They noticed that excess heat disappeared when voltage exceeded some threshold launching an avalanche effect.
    Note that the material is ZrO2 with NiD (yes, nickel and deuterium).

    With a solid and calibrated calorimetry he observed COP of 1000 (in the mW/W range).
    It disappeared with avalanche. He studied Zener effect .

    Finally he reminded us that strangely, NiD works as well as PdD.

    EDIT: Alexander Gromov made a presentation on low voltage electrolysis, with amazing resultsd :
    see that post :
    ICCF-19 presentation by Alexander Gromov : LENR by low-voltage cathode plasma electrolysis

    Mark Davidson propose a new theory to explain LENR based on "off-shell" (not classical) solutions when mass vary...
    It seems explained in that paper…-nuclear-phenomena#scribd
    Buy I don't know if it is the latest version... Best is to ask the author I cannot help. :S

    For those interested in theories, You may be interested by the theory of Philippe Hatt
    presented as a poster. Some find some similarities in the approach.... but they are different.

    I made a post on Klinov and his plasmoid,an approache not very common out of Russia.
    ICCF19 - Anatoly Klinov - "energy release and transmutation in cold heterogeneous plasmoid".

    the presentation of vladimir Vysotskii is so interesting that I created an independent post too
    ICCF19 - Vladimir Vysotskii - Biological remediation of radioactive cesium

    Liang Chanligng presented some theoretical analysis about the important of Lithium in LENR.
    Lithium is ised in PdD electrolysis (LiOD,LiOH,LiCl), observed as impurities in Pd gas loading, and used as LiAH2 in parkhomov/Lugano experiments.
    He then analyse the possibility that Li absorb proton perfectly. Sme weak interaction is induced, and it seems possible with a reaction :
    p+Li6+e -> Li7(excited with neutron halo)+neutrino.

    I have made a post for the work of Goyachev ad Kutsenko about transmutation by plasma and RF
    Igor Vitalievich Goryachev - plasma processing of nuclear waste and transmutations - and more applications

    At the end theres was a poster tak by Alewander Parkhomov, organized by the guys of MFMP (translating the questions).
    There is already most information on LENR-Forum and E-cat world (we are lucky, stay tuned!)

    Just to note some details that may interest replicators :
    - reactor was not evacuated or air before filling
    - powder was naturally oxydated
    - the pressure was up to 5bars at 200C, then while temperature climbed it was going down up to below the athmospheric pressure. It seems compatible with the theory of partial pressure, because H2 was absorbed by Ni, while N2 and Li vapors stayed under partial pressure.
    - the calibration was done with an empty reactor.

    NB: Mats have made a report of his impression…d-impressions-mats-lewan/

    He report the same impression that Russian Scientists are well advanced.


    It was clear, also talking with several attendees, that the Russians are doing very well in LENR. They reportedly have regular meetings, even monthly, discussing these kind of experiments.

    He also have talk with Carl Page who is a supporter of our domain.

    ColdFusion3 published an article on the conference, with elements on Brillouin and Darden.…s-lenr-will-end-pollution

  • Clean planet Team uploaded photo of the interview with Local Radio in padua…rmalink/1127411820608054/

    I hope the interview will be published and have some impact.
    I've heard it will be published next week...

    They also uploaded some photography of their presentation…bal/posts/680218335433685
    note the commet where they sate that the minister of Brazil economic developement is there for Energy solution.


    Brazilian Minter of Economics is at the conference to seek for the way to utilize this new clean energy technology in Brazil.

    His talk for the inauguration was much less convincing than that, according to the Italian.

    It is a good news.

  • [quote='Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project']Carl Page is in Padua, as is Bill Gates - apparently...

    @AlainCo: Can you confirm this?

    I learned several months ago that Carl Page is an investor in Brillouin. The fact that he is in Padova, possible along with Bill Gates, is very interesting