General news and coverage of ICCF19

  • Mats Lewan added few impression, and they are maybe the most amazing for those who were not there :

    – It’s clear that several investors and industrial companies are getting into the field. That’s a new thing.

    – Energiforsk (used to be Elforsk) was represented to gain information and knowledge in the field.

    – After discussions with several persons, adding my own sources, I conclude that there probably is good awareness of the latest LENR technology development at the political top level in the following countries: USA, China, Russia, France, Saudi-Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and gradually also India and maybe Japan.

    Petergluck make a report of yesterday, including the report of David French

    For ICCF20 it will be Sendai.

    There have been 4 presentation this morning.

    The one of Michel Vandenberghe of LENR-Cities is discussed here (I expect a video by Dr Bob)
    LENR-Cities publish a white paper on their approach on LENRG ecosystem - ICCF19 presentation real time

    The presentation of V Dubinko on Breather Nano Coliders impressed me (maybe because I've read his papers before)
    Breather Nano Collider for LENR explanation

    Danien Szumski presented a theory based on specific non equilibrium temperature for nuclesu coupled by Mosbauer effect...

    The idea is that like some energy is stored in interaction between covalent electrons, some energy is stored between mausbauer coupled nucleus, with exchanged gammas that can be interpreted as caused by an atom temperature , allowing fusion....
    He propose experiments to measure stored energy in atoms.

    Finally Dr Akito takahashi proposed a theory papers, about the rate of fusion in teh framework of his TSC theory.
    He propose a coupled state where thow deuteons are orbited by a bosonified electron ( ?( ) and show the importance of the duration of the coupled state.
    He also shows that one should not use classical hot fusion formula.

    The slide was posted in that thread .
    Slides of the 2 presentation of Technova (A Kitamura, A Takahashi). Experiments and theory...

    Cold Fusion Now propose an article on ICCF19, aggregating various sources with nice photographies (sorry my cam is too bad)

    EDIT: Clean Planet propose few photographies of ICCF19…bal/posts/680766608712191

    Peter gluck make a second edition

  • latest article by Cold Fusion Now:
    Live Open Science Parkhomov Fuel Test closes Padua conference…-closes-padua-conference/
    Another article about the post-conference impression by Peter Gluck

  • A funny article on the ICCF19 postcard which seems to be a visual joke inspired by Da Vinci.

    Peter Gluck on Ego out add some related contents

    Mats Lewans make a post on the lesson from that conference. A coherent vision.

    beise information we relayed here he remind us one interesting point:


    Let us not forget this huge experience. I know that several LENR researchers have found themselves in difficult situations because of the focus on Rossi and the E-Cat. Popular views on the E-Cat have stolen the attention and been a direct reason for closing down some research programs.

    This is sad. Because when results from Rossi’s MW trial will be presented, if not before, we will have a breakthrough for the view on LENR as an existing phenomenon. But we will still lack a solid, accepted theory for explaining it, which is necessary to carry on efficient engineering, also for [lexicon]Industrial Heat[/lexicon], even though Rossi has come a long way through intuition and some possible theoretical concepts.

  • Carl Page Advisory Board, Page 24


    • Carl Page, CEO of Page Technology Partners. Highly sought after advisor to technology, internet marketing, and emerging clean-tech companies. Significant investor in both hi-tech and clean-tech ventures. Co-Founder of E-Groups, which later became Yahoo Groups. Angel investor in technology companies .

  • Cold Fusion now, publish a synthesis about the conference with comments by people presents and nicce photographies

    Flooded by everyday concern, I rethink about that crazy week in padua, and this crazy day in Milano.

    As a newcomer I was surprised by Russian/Ukrainian LENR Science (let us support peace an love, at least in science), impressed by Japanese and Chinese efforts, but people knowing well the domain have only seen incremental progress.
    Some attendant have been surprised by the lack of real disruption in the scientific results.

    Rereading the thread and the satellite posts, one see that the revolution is not scientific.
    The first big revolution is business, starting with Tom Darden, and ending with Michel Vandenberghe, with much entrepreneurial spirit from French engineers to Carl Page in the attendance.
    The second revolution is the presence of BRICS science and business, especially Russian, but not only.
    The last revolution, with MFMP as flagship, is a new generation of talents, learning with the most experienced.

    The aggregation of those revolutions, led to an increase in attendance, and of variety.

    My huge and furious deception, is beside Mats private presence, and Padua local article, the total absence of any media coverage, would it be to ridicule a gang of tinfoil hats.
    My opinion is that in fact this is the sign that LENR have won the battle of "inner mind" credibility. No journalist was crazy enough to ridicule cold fusion, as they consider it as too risky with soon to came LENR outbreak.
    The problem is that no editor was crazy enough to even talk of the subject, not sure to be able to survive until the LENR outbreak.

    So we should simply ignore media coverage, and enjoy business support.
    We should open our eyes and ears to the work of Russian science, and more generally BRICS science, which I consider underexploited.
    We should support the young generation, forgiving their errors by inexperience, connecting young and old talents.

    Time is not to ask what can LENR do for you, but what you can do for LENR. :D

  • Cold fusion now publish another article about the outcome of ICCF19

    "ICCF-19 start of “new cycle"

  • ICCF19 is publishing some media about the ICCF19

    there are many photographies, by thematic, by name,
    audience, speaker, dinner,...

    For the video it seems mostly the initial speak of monday morning, many in Italian, but also including Darden & Duncan

  • Clean planet Team uploaded photo of the interview with Local Radio in padua
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    Clean Planet proudly report the publication of the interview of Jirohta Kasagi (Tohoku U) , Iwamura yasuhiro (Tohoku U), and Hideki Yoshino (Clean Planet) on facebook…bal/posts/699383620183823

    The interview is available ther
    on Radio radicale site

  • The turning point in the search for clean energy


    Foreword by Tom Darden, at the opening of the 19th international conference on the study of cold fusion (LENR), which took place April 13-17, 2015 in Italy, Padua. The conference was held with the support of Ministry of Economic Development of Italy, in one of the largest halls in Europe DELLA Palazzo Ragione . More than 500 participants.

  • Vessela's blog cover today teh question of Antonion La Gatta, and his company TSEM, who organized ICCF19.
    Vessela found in a recent interview of Concetta, Antonio's Daughter, element to assume a link between [lexicon]Industrial Heat[/lexicon] and TSEM.... which one ?…ing-with-industrial-heat/