Michael McKubre talk at ICCF19: those who have worked long have duty to teach. No concealing, collaborate!

  • Here is a quick rought summary... Hope the slides are out soon.

    Michael McKubre started to describe the story of Cold Fusion, opposed by physicist who blocked all at Baltimore conference, and while their critics have disappeared succeeded in installing of a ban of publication in most importants (45) journals, preventing research and funding.
    For him, the Rossi effect put the domain back to life, because it used a cheaper material Nickel and Hydrogen, and let hope to scale above the MW. It have attracted one generation of entrepreneurs, but until now there is no clear scientific evidence of NiH reactions.

    2015 will not be "business as usual", and the domain will change from resource-mimited to talent-limited.
    Then Michael McKubre start a long critic of secrecy , calling for more openness and collaboration.
    The field have to expand to new talents, and secrecy and antagonism have to end.
    The domain should make a consensu around best experiments and replicate them.
    "Those who have worked long have the duty to teach"
    "We have to prove the world we are right"
    This is too big for one person, one company. Competition should be absent (except friendly competition), and monopoly is not possible.
    It is time to get real.
    Solution is collaboration:
    Business can be a coordination force
    But also Institute like CEES at TTU or Tohoku University.
    In USA civil government did not help, but militaries helped much. In Italy and India government helped.
    "Secrecy is when things are established... It is not currently the case ... there is no excuse for it"

  • :thumbup: McKubre is truly on of the pillars of LENR. He is of course completely correct. Openness in LENR may set the stage for an unprecedented development. Likely strong interests in the background may beg to differ when it comes to how great rapid proliferation is, as their revenues and fortunes will be at risk.

    My hope is that a thriving and viable scientific community will be created that is funded by public means and foundations supporting broad basic research in the field. It would complement the more or less "clandestine" and "bottom line" focus of big corps R&D divisions. To truly progress I think they are both needed. Balance in duality. As in so many other aspects of life.

  • Quote

    Michael McKubre started to describe teh story of Cld Fusion, opposed by phisicist who blocked all at Blatimore conference, and while their critics have disapeared succeeded in installing of a ban of publication in most importants (45) journals, preventing research and funding.

    Where can we find something on this...??? :huh:

    I have heard of the "secrecy act" in the US, with it's secret list of forbidden activities, but not openly linkable with LENR,
    and the US are not the world, so...

    But "45 scientific journals", it goes out from where ?

    Can someone ask him ??? :whistling:

  • Maybe I did not express it well (plus the typo)
    It is well experienced by scientist that most of the big science journal (45 journal editors identified about) refuse any cold fusion papers upfront without even submitting to any referee.

    Among them, Nature and Science, but also most prominent journals.

    this is just fear to be covered by mud of critics.

    I have heard of mainstream media like atlantico who had to remove a cold fusion article the day after because of comments.

    It is not the military, not the nuke industry, it is just fearful editors.