ICCF19 - Anatoly Klimov - "energy release and transmutation in cold heterogeneous plasmoid".

  • Anatoly Klimov presented result about "energy release and transmutation in cold heterogeneous plasmoid".

    I make an independent post because this is very interesting and surprising result, showing how Russian Scientists are advanced.

    Plasmoid are similar to ball ligning. Heterogeneous plasmoid include additioal elements like nickel nanoparticles.

    Those strange objects are defined by the fact that they can store some energy for a relatively long time (one second) after extinction, as excited plasma in a limited volume.
    He worked on those objecs for example to reduce the sonic boom of supersonic planes, or in plasma assisted combustion (for scramjet).

    Working on those objects they observed anomalous production of energy, with COP estimated from 2 to 10, at 1-10kW.
    Question was if it was LENR, and frther experments observed Xrays, and transmutation in the dust, confrming that hypothesis.

    They developped a sytem to cause shockwave in plasma, in a waterpool .
    COP is 4-10 at 1400K.
    energy estimated is 100-1000eV/atom during 1 second, at COP4.
    He tested also RF power discharge on water surface (NB: look like ball lighting natural conditions : ligtning on wet wood object).
    at 1500-3500K they observed strange elements like Ca, Na, K, and some hard to identify by spectrometry.
    Strangely they can appear then be reduced and reappear.
    X-rays are emitted

  • Peter Gluck publish the site of New Inflow (english), with the poster of A Klimov

    there is other posters here:

    High-energetic metal nano-cluster plasmoid and its soft x-radiation.

    On the kinetic calculations of elements transmutations in the presence of cold neutron flux.

    A possible explanation for the results of some experiments with LENR.

  • The presentation of Klimov at ICCF19 les the impression of a quite easy process, with many metal working well.

    kW scale power is not common, but scientifically it is unimportant. the COP is also not the key factor for scientists. The most important is signal over uncertainty... anyway high COP helps increase signal over noise. however power often reduce precision.

  • Well, first, I don't know that Klimov is doing pure scientific research-it sounds like it's a company.

    Second, I think that power level does matter scientifically. Even with same COP it's much easier to mismeasure excess power at the KW level. You're usually recording heat through changes in some sort of fluid temperature. A 50 degree increase is much less likely to be mismeasurement or regular temperature fluctuations than a .5 degree temperature.

  • It would be interesting to take an X-ray image of a meteor trails; because metal meteors have iron and nickel and atmosphere has H2O', maybe lenr? What about the early solar system plenty of metal dust and energy from sun. Plenty of meteorites samples available to look for signs of cold fusion! :-) Forgot also Pd and Pt in meteorites.


  • Hi,

    very interesting paper for cold plasma
    but remind that in plasma cold or hot the DRIFT of ions of ArI,II,III (ionized species are working in the direct countrary direction of electrons!, and plasma is working .

    WHICH INSTRUMENT HAS BEEN USED IN ORDER TO ANALYZE the abundances or determination of the Atoms- ICP AES or ICP -MS ? atomic mass spectrometry or Atomic Emission spectroscopy ?

    I suppose in your remarks regarding the difficulties to identify species you are working with ICP-AES- if AES take care of the numerous overlaps of atomic lines and broadening with nearest OTHER atom line-
    to be secure 100 % you must analyze couple AES for 10 pmm atomic lines FIRST and after ICP MS for 2 ppm to 2 ppb and select on the ICP-MS standard SEVERAL atoms (isotopic ration for the same element )
    and if more than 70% matched isotopic abundance and correct ratio THIS WILL BE THE GOOD AND NEW ELEMENT DISCOVERED AND TRANSMUTED and the HOLY GRAIL is to get ABNORMAL RATIO ABUNDANCES THIS DEMONSTRATE THE TRANSMUTATION in the plasma , because onto Earth natural abundances are constant in whatsoever place of the planet, but if you go to mars the natural abudance for one Atom will be different, this is the proof with extraterrestrial origin of Iridium
    ICP AES id often use to begin the job but after you have to use ICP-MS if not bad guys can destroy your results

    and how transmutation is working-MY OPINION , with interferences between species in the plasma mainly with the creation of double thin layers in plasma and confinement order of 5 nm- the atoms are not very far away from others and the magnetic field generated by RF 27 MHz can confine the plasma and the cool fusion can be executed, for ALPHA cold fusion you have to SELECT with ATOM MASS (EVEN) for example Si who can be divided by 4 as well He) or Hg A 200...
    I spoke about this experience for more than 20 years with atomic tools - it's wonderful world applied to cold fusion-
    have a nice week end
    to be continued

    to be contined