ICCF19 - Vladimir Vysotskii - Biological remediation of radioactive cesium, Thread for discussion of Biological Transmutations

  • I had completely forgot that Vysostkii and Kornilova had written a chapter in the latest edition of Biberian's Advances in Cold Fusion.


    I found a very recent paper of other Russian team that quotes research of Vysostkii and Kornilova and proposes a way in which the transmutations could be explained, which involves the capacity of living organisms of creating an unusual, but known, state of Hydrogen...


    Abstract: Background and Objective. It was previously shown that hydrogen atoms can be in unusual subatomic states with a “shell” localization of the electron-proton pair and a lower ionization potential. Such a state can be predicted in the proton-electron system in accordance with the de Broglie formula if we take into account the intrinsic energy of the quantum motion of the electron. During the formation of hydrogen subatoms, characteristic recombination radiation with a wavelength of 206 nm should be observed. The vital activity of biosystems contribute to the formation of hydrogensubatoms and they are necessary for their development. In this regard, it is possible to prove the existence of such radiation. Materials and Methods. Using a fiber-optic spectrometer, the ultraviolet radiation of indoor plants and the radiation of a yeast culture solution were measured. Results. It was experimentally shown that during photosynthesis in a number of houseplants, characteristic ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 206 nm is observed, the same characteristic radiation is also observed during metabolism in a yeast culture solu-tion. In this regard, irradiation with characteristic ultraviolet radiation of microorganisms should, apparently, lead to a suppression of metabolism, which is more effective than irradiation with a full spectrum. The idea of hydrogen subatoms, in our opinion, allows us to consistently explain the results of numerous experiments on the implemen-tation of controlled transmutation of isotopes in numerous growing microbiological objects.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • There is no doubt that the potassium transmutation to calcium can be attained easily. But where the heck should a chicken get enough potassium ????? Could you try to show as a potential source for e.g. at least 2 grams/day..

  • Ahlfors  LeBob

    The hens do eagerly peck mica from the soil, and mica contains potassium - a single step below calcium in the standard table of elements. It appears that the hens may transmute some of the potassium to calcium. ... Hens denied calcium but not potassium, stay perfectly healthy and lay perfectly normal eggs.

    Book Review

    Biological Transmutations

    by C. Louis Kervran ISBN 0-916508-47-1, $18.50 Paperback, 163 pp. Happiness Press, 1980 (Reprinted 1998)

    Review by Eugene Mallove

    From Infinite Energy #34, November/December 2000

    Reading this translation and compilation of a number of Prof. Louis Kervran’s pre-1970 works is very disturbing, producing the disorientation that accompanies a possible deep paradigm shift in science. Kervran (1901-1983), a medical scientist and engineer with a high official position in the French research and occupational health community, had a life-long interest in the possibility of biological transmutations. His curiosity apparently began in his youth when he watched the hens pecking at specks of mica in the farmyard. His later professional observations concerned (in one small part) the anomalous re-appearance of robust calcium-bearing eggshells in calcium-deprived chickens that had been administered dietary mica (a potassium-rich mineral). Over a century earlier (in 1799), French chemist Louis Nicolas Vauquelin had noted this. The Kervran bio-transmutation story and its background is summarized eloquently in “Alchemists in the Garden,” a chapter of the best-selling book The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and the late Christopher Bird. - Eugene Mallove


  • 5grams of neutrinos would vaporize the chicken before getting "turned" into potassium/calcium 😂😉. Sleep well.

    Given that the neutrino flux on earth is apparently about 70 trillion per square cm per second, and there are on the order of about a hundred thousand skin cells per square cm, that's almost a million neutrinos passing through a cell even second. As Vezzini would say, Inconceivable!