ICCF19 - Vladimir Vysotskii - Biological remediation of radioactive cesium

  • Vladimir Vysotskii presented his work in transmutation of Cesium 133 by anaerobic sea bacteria.
    This is so fantastic that it deserve an independent post.

    He explained first that Cesium, 133 and 137 were the most dangerous nuclear waste in fission, because of their biological characteristics.

    Previously he observed some transmutations of cesium to barium , at rate allowing reduction by half in 200 to 500days.
    the problem is that to decontaminate place like Fukushima you needed bacteria living in seawater.
    He decided to use anaerobic methanogenic bacteria form the sea sludge.

    His experiments was designed with 3 control experiments, without either the bacteria, the cesium, or the nutrient.

    the result was amazing, and he observed 50% reduction of cesium in 8 days.

    I thought about possible contamination by bottle, but we should not forget there are 3 control experiment that should be impacted by any artifact you imagine...
    fascinating !

    Another example of the quality of russian science, in LENR especially.

  • Peter Gluck reports this presentation on TV by Vysotskii

  • On His Blog, Peter Gluck report a message from V Vysotskii, about his talk on TV.

  • In latest CFRL News, no94, Hideo Kozima cite a paper of V I Vystoskii that seems to match that presentation :

    V.I. Vysotskii et al., "Microbial Transmutation of Cs-137 and LENR in Growing Biological Systems"Current Science 108 pp. 636 - 640 (2015)

    The letter itself , focused on biological transmutations, in it's second half talk of Vysotskii work too.
    It seems to propose mechanism for biological transmutations.

  • Thanks @AlainCo for this post from Vysotskii : http://egooutpeters.blogspot.f…ains-and-news-coming.html
    It reveals many faces of a big man whom I try to expose works each time I can.
    V.I. Vysotskii merit the Nobel Price because he unify the LENR and standard model, but not only.

    In this post he synthetises:
    * the link between biological and physical sciences,
    * the restauration of the interest for biological transmutations,
    * the multiple roles of doses for the health about radiations, genetic and other restauration mecanisms, like in fasting, vitamins, homeopathy...
    * a critical moment in the shift from old to new conception of physical sciences,
    * the roles of different countries in this transitional moment,
    * the fast rate of changes in present epoch, and the need to adapt us to this new rate, most mainly for scientists and learning methods,
    * an homage at Rossi, at the E-Cat, at The New Fire, at the first industrial use of LENR.
    * an new ecologic use to clean the nuclear waste by biological transmutations,
    * a new nano-catalysis common to chemistry, physic, biology and nano-particles.

    I vote for the Nobel Price for a big man: V.I. Vysotskii.

    In LENR even more!!!