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    Peter gluck relays the words of David French about the Gala Dinner on Tuesday, saying that LENRIA is created


    Steve Katinski and David Nagel have founded LENRIA, the Industrial Association for LENR- watch lenria.org! Great slides!

    On thursday afternoon Steven Katinsky presented his efforts to build an industrial association to represent the interest of professionals and industry around LENR .
    No current industry association can really represent LENR Industry.

    In an Industry association, comparing with others, you find energy companies, trade association, manufacturers, engineering companies, professional societies, agencies, service companies, universities, and national labs....

    it should be the voice of LENR industry in debates around public policies, with a work of advocacy and lobbying.

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    on ECW pelgrim108 remind us the available slides and video on LENRIA


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    LENRIA remind me what is IEEE for electric engineering, but maybe I'm wrong? :huh:

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    Vessela nikolova is publishing an article on LENRIA:

    the article remind us the importance of such group, to lobby government to enforce adapted policy.


    The importance of an industrial association lies in being able to defend, in an organized way, the common interests of its members. These associations usually do a work seemingly invisible but actually very important to creating a lobby operating in the appropriate venues.

    LENR may, for example, be deemed comparable to renewables, but a specific legislation is needed to enjoy similar incentives in the future. Organizations like LENRIA can be supportive of political initiatives in such a direction, and this is only the tip of the iceberg of the possible significant contributes to our movement.
    Structures like LENRIA can help the stakeholders to decide for funding LENR research or support this revolution, if they act in an active way in the “circles” that counts. A completely new business is rising and it is an opportunity for all the people directly or indirectly involved.

    Obviously, it is not a game for children. It is a demanding job that must be done by experts and authoritative people. I think LENRIA was founded by the right people, although soon they will need the support of other forces and perhaps input from the outside.

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