JD Sweeney on Londont : ICCF attendants by nationality

  • On his bog Londont, JD Sweeney made the statstics of attendants of ICCF19

    The results are a bt surprising, but match my impression.
    Beside the dominant US attendance, and Italian , Russian and strangely France were well represented.

    Norway is an outlier, and we could put that on their recent "hedging" strategy. Finland and sweden were deceiving in comparison.

    Great EU countries, like Germany, Netherland, UK, Belgium, or Spain were clearly underrepresented compared to their sizing.

  • In his article on ECW mats lewans made the following rematks on attedance... bigger and younger than usual.



    Let me first give you a picture of the situation. I quickly understood that ICCF-19 is very different from earlier years. The number of attendees is the double of what had been expected. A total of about 500 people is lot more than in recent years, even though similar numbers have been reached occasionally at ICCF before.

    And apart from the number, the most important difference is the significant amount of young people, which is healthy for the field. Or as long-time renowned cold fusion researcher and ICCF organizer Michael McKubre put it: it’s good and bad. The good thing is that new talent is added, the bad thing is that the quality of the questions is lower than usual since many people lack the background that long-timers have gained through the years –- either the don’t ask questions so as not to make a fool out of themselves, or they ask questions and do make a fool out of themselves, he said, jokingly.