Parkhomov visits Levi, discuss with Hoistad and Peterson, and they have a device that they will show mid-may

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    Alexanger Parkhomov a short message in Russian, about ICCF19 and visited Levi in Unversity of Bologna...
    The really surprising news is that Giuseppe Levi, Bo Hoistadt and Peterson, who tested the E-cat in Lugano
    can show a device (what is it), that they will show mid-may.
    On Ego-out, Mats Lewans confirmn that physicist in Upsala have a reactor ready, and are about to calibrate, with a run in mid-May.


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    Mats Lewan on Ego Out confirms

    This reflects the information I have had from Uppsala. As far as I know, their reactor is ready and they are about to start the calibration phase. My impression is that they work carefully without hurry. I think that what is intended at mid May could be a run with a loaded reactor.

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    On E-cat World MAts add:

    Good. This reflects what I've heard from Uppsala. My understanding is that their reactor is ready and that they are now starting careful calibration. I guess that what is referred to in mid-May would be start running with a loaded reactor.

    I think the reason for them to do an independent experiment is that they don't see much possibilities to add insight doing further black box experiments with Rossi's reactor, even if he would let them, which I doubt by the way -- Rossi doesn't seem to be interested to have more third party tests done now, when concentrating on the MW trial. Makes sense to me.

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    Energycatalyzer3 make an article on that subject :…-parkohomov-could-team-up


    After attending the 19th annual International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF 19) in Padua last week, Parkohomov made a fascinating post on this blog. The Russian revealed that Rossi’s long collaborator Giuseppe Levi is conducting his own research at the University of Bologna.


  • So, FrankCancer should be appointed "chief" of research, since surely he has NEVER had scheduling complications arise while "ranching" in California, or ever missed a deadline as an unknown at the JPL....

    Let me tell you how it is with power on the ranch. Neighbor put up a $500 solar panel. Stolen. Returned a few days later. Armenian mafia must have convinced the white trash on meth out there that it is in their best interest not to steal from one of theirs. Me? I'm a white man. No mafia brothers in my family to retrieve my solar panel if it disappears, and it will. Another neighbor had a visit from Southern California Edison to see what's up with the box I was going to connect with. My install was delayed by about 6-8 months because the crew was met with death threats and a gun. The sheriff came by when someone's trailer was stolen and made it perfectly clear. Don't call him unless there's a woman and domestic violence involved. Everyone hates Edison with a passion and solar without 24/7 security is not feasible. Meanwhile a mile or two down the road yet another solar ranch is setting up shop. Millions of panels being installed, not exaggerating. With 24/7 security solar might even make sense. First wave of solar ranch workers got $34-45/hour prevailing wage thanx to federal subsidies and loans. They had background and drug checks. Second wave gets $14-18. Half of them quit and half of them have criminal records. The ones that quit stick around and loaf and cause trouble. Live like animals for free out in the desert somewhere nearby. I had a nice $200 door installed in the place I'm building. Kicked in. Old tools missing. Boarded up with plywood now. Thanx Warren Buffet for your investment in solar ranches in my neighborhood!

    You guys might think it is charming to have these clowns go around and advertise that they're on to something. Without Frank running interference for LENR on e-catworld you have to show up with something tangible or pay the cost of ridicule by me. I'm not asking for much. Just some basic human decency. Like clear explanations of what is going on, no snow job promises, no endless punts, 21st century data presentation because we're in the 21st century.

  • I understand the sentiment. In this case FrankCensor is not exactly a troll. He just needs a little education. One point he makes concerning photovolaics being stolen on his neighbor's ranch in California, is actually a very good argument FOR LENR (much more compact, keep in the cellar, certainly less obvious), he may not recognize that yet. Further, I suspect he fails to realize how primitive and tentative PV panels were until 55 years ago when they began to be used extensively in satellites. PV technology goes back 70 years or so and the theory was never really in mortal dispute as was CF and now LENR. His demands for on schedule appearance of prototypes is ludicrous considering the modest and self-funded nature of LENR R & D.

    I suspect he will come around or at least begin to shut off the rhetoric and learn another technology, this time right from the ground up.

    But if I am wrong, I promise to follow your advice.

  • Bump, about six months later.

    I remember seeing back in May a photo of an experimental device by Levi et al., and it must have been related with this. No news since, though.
    It was from a presentation (in pdf) by Parkhomov, but I can't seem to find it anymore.

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    I find it also very strange that we still didn't hear anything about their progress.

    Okay, they may try to work very professional, including to check any error possibility double and triple.
    This takes a lot of time.
    But they should have done a series of experiments now, in all that time.

    Even "hobby-scientists", which work in their spare time, did multiple experiments since april.
    But we heard nothing. Neither from Elforsk, nor from the professors :hmm:

    Maybe @Mats Lewan could contact them?

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