Etiam Oy, a Finish LENR startup funded by foundation

  • On ECW "John Littlemist" reminded us that Etiam Oy was funded in 2012 by a foundation (It seems to be named "foundation of invention"), with industrial and governmental funding, promoting Finish innovation.

    Etiam Oy is not yet very talkative, and just promoted an information site on LENR.


    The invention Foundation is a Finnish invention promotion. This is the work of The Foundation has been doing for 42 years by supporting the Finnish individuals and start-up companies to develop inventions into business. At the beginning of 2014 to support the Foundation for Finnish Inventions inventors developed the Product Track service moved in the ELY- responsibility.

    The Foundation will focus on inventions and inventors to raise the prestige and the generation of new start-up firms. The aim is to target the discovery of inventions to improve the quality and to help inventors to create new success stories. A new approach to the design was launched in 2013 and the settlement occurs during the 2014 period. Work is carried out in co-operation with other actors.

    The invention Foundation previously funded clients contractual relationships and financial agreements remain in force. Financial Customers will continue to be required to report on the use of funding, as well as to pay for commercially successful projects with regard to the financing back in accordance with the contract.

    The board of directors include clearly government, entrepreuneur representatives and academics


    The of the Foundation of invention Board of Directors are in 2014

    • Niklas Bruun, Professor, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law
    • Urho Ilmonen,Senior Advisor, Finnish inventors' support
    • Juha Jutila, Executive Director of The Foundation
    • Elise Pekkala, Deputy Director, Ministry of Employment and the Economy
    • Pekka Roine, partner, Boardman
    • Mrs Jari Roma , Director, Tekes
    • Virpi Utriainen, Executive Director, Association of Young Enterprise.

    beside those board members, there are many delegatee of various organisations




    • Aalto University School of Economics
    • Aalto University School of Science
    • Confederation of Finnish Industries EK
    • Finn Vera Oyj
    • Finpro ry
    • University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law
    • Central Chamber of Commerce
    • Lappeenranta University of Technology
    • Agriculture and Agrifood Research
    • Finnish Forest Industries Federation
    • University of Oulu
    • National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland
    • The Academy of Finland / Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
    • The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
    • Finnish Inventors' Association KEKE
    • The Finnish Cultural Foundation
    • Finnish Patent Attorneys Association
    • Federation of Finnish Enterprises
    • Swedish School of Economics
    • Tampere University of Technology
    • Technology Promotion
    • VTT Technical Research Centre
    • Industrialisation
    • The Ministry of Employment and the Economy
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Some names are not clear for me (probably local agency or companies), but it seems to be an innovation foundation supported by the governments and stakeholder organizations.

    As said in the comment, it is to add to the long list of government agency who waste public money to research on pathological science, and to the long list of public companies wasting shareholder money to participate a global scam. OFF WITH THEIR HEAD§ :evil: !