ICCF-19 presentation by Alexander Gromov : LENR by low-voltage cathode plasma electrolysis

  • Presentation title: LENR by low-voltage cathode plasma electrolysis
    Good quality video 7 out of 10. Filmed by Genadi Tarasenko ( youtube ( dot ) com/user/tarasenkogennadiy/videos )

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    here is my report during the conference:

    Another presentation was by Alexander Gromov, a Russian researcher working in Germany.
    After some introduction on Kervran biological transmutation, and of the great Russian scientist of history (especially Bolotov and his nucleus crystaline structure ?( ) he presented his work with plasma electrolysis (like Mizuno), with various electrodes.
    He observed excess geat up to 800%, with transmutations, few µSv/day of radiation and RF noise.
    He observed transmutation of a cathode of Fe and Zn into Al.
    many other metal works, like W , Mo, Ni, Cu , Al, Pb, Fe/Zn.
    He observed an efficiency compared to faraday efficiency above 2500%... He insisted it is not COP,farady efficiency.... ?(
    EDIT: -> JP biberian on his French blog http://blogde-jeanpaulbiberian…/iccf19-padoue-day-4.html
    explain that this ratio is simply comparing the quantity of hydrogen produced compared to what basic electrolysis should produce.
    It is much more because of the anomalous heat produced that dissociate thermally water.
    Finally his best advice is to work with stainless steel, like your spoon... =O