Lockheed Martin Palo Alto Colloquia : May 21 – Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR): Dr. Michael Mc Kubre, Stanford Research Institute

  • On Lockheed Martin website, as a "Palo Alto Colloquia", there is a planned event with Michael McKubre on LENR.
    It will happen on May21 at 4:15PM, and will be broadcasted on Microsoft Lync. (Confirmed)


  • Not sure they are advanced, but they are sure informed, at least individually (many organization are not aware, but many experts are inside ).
    I also feel that many more things than what you see, and even what I see, are happening.
    Drew, don't cry about UK. ;) 
    Barty, don't cry about Germany. ;) 
    I don't cry about France ;) 
    Of course, Italian, indian, Russians, Ukrainians, Chinese, Japanese, be confident.
    For US, I'm afraid DoE is a dead body, but there is complexity in private and state labs...

    Lockheed Martin is probably just catching up the bandwagon, a bandwagon that they follow since long.
    Their problem is not to make it too public, or they will be victims of the mindguard gangs.

    do you know that the gang of Fusionnefredda blog, not far from GSVIT group, is discussing about intriguing to make all participant and organizers of ICCF19 who used names like INFN, Confindustria, ENEA, be fired , demoted, ostracized....
    If you want to understand what is consensus by terror, mutual assured delusion, mindguards, just read them...

    What those guys don't know is that those innocent organization are well aware of the reality, and just afraid of mindguards who exploit public opinion against Italian interests. Maybe they will be forced to sacrify some names to please the pagan divinities of terror consensus.

    When things will be changed, I will remind to naive masses, and their deputies, who did that, and who have to be fired, ridiculed and defunded. Nothing personal, I believe in incentives , and they have to know that a crime against science have to be paid. There is People Permanent Tribunal, if ICC cannot do the job, but media is more efficient in punishing those crimes.
    Those who ridiculed F&P or Miles, are mostly dead or retired, but the crowd need goat to sacrify for the 25 years lost, so give them fresh Italian meat when they are hungry. :D

  • Like for CERN conference, or Nasa studies, it is often the effor of individual with a (very good) culture of not opposing fringe science in your own company.

    In academic there was such a culture implemented for tenured scientists, who could do what they decided.

    in corporation this is often named "senior fellow", when an executive us trusted enough that whatever he does crazy,is accepted by the boss.

    anyway there is limit to what crazy can be accepted even for tenured, senior fellow, and skunkwork teams... this level is now reached, good!

  • May 21, 2015

    Dr. Michael C.H. McKubre, SRI International


    We have arrived at an interesting time and there are several indications that 2015 will not be “business as usual” in the CMNS field. I have commented often that it would not take much outside interest to convert our field from “resource limited” to “talent limited”. I think we are about to see that occur. How we proceed will depend on how we convert this “once in a quarter century” opportunity. Those of us in the field are well aware that data sufficient to motivate significant, serious, scientific and technological interest have existed for a very long time but with few exceptions (one being the US DoD) this has not occurred. What has changed?

    Dr. Michael McKubre began his undergraduate studies at George Washington University and completed his B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Chemistry and Physics at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. On completing his Ph.D., he was granted a two year Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Southampton University, England. Dr. McKubre joined SRI as an Electrochemist in 1978 and was appointed Manager of the Electrochemistry Program in 1982 and Director of the Energy Research Center in1992. He is an expert in the study of electrochemical kinetics and was one of the original pioneers in the use of ac impedance methods for the evaluation of electrode kinetic processes. In the last decade, as Director of the Energy Research Center, Dr. McKubre has applied himself to the discovery and application of potential new energy sources, particularly those associated with the deuterium/palladium system.