Gas powering and the specific electromagnetic pulses

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    Dear all,

    I have a question about the ecat that arose from the fact that rossi is developing both electrical and gas powered ecats.

    Rossi is continously saying that specific electromagnetic pulses are needed for the Ni LiAlH4 reactions but he is also building ecat that are gas powered thus with all chemical powering.

    Rossi is obviously either contradicting himself or he doesn't know the physics of the Ni LiAlH4 reaction as good as we thought right?

  • I assume that the natural gas is supplying most all of the thermal component. Short of having a small generator or fuel cell, he appears to believe or is leading us to believe, that an EM field is also necessary to get the reactions to work or to work efficiently. It is no surprise, noisy switching and/or electrostatic or magnetic biasing is often seen in LENR as many here have noted. The amount of energy involved in this "tickling" or otherwise "driving" the reaction(s) may be quite small compared to the random thermal component.