Yaroslav Starukhin(EDIT: in fact Denis Vasilenko ) prepares a Parkhomov replication (may 23)....

  • From peter Gluck blog:

    Does anybody know Yaroslav Starukhin, and his replication effort ?

    Maybe it is already referenced here (so many effort that I forget).


    more on that Russian language LENR page

  • First two powder components have been carefully mixed and ground to a homogeneous mass mukoobraznoy after added stationery.
    glue all over again, long stirred up smetannoobraznogo state (important, no lumps should not be).

    Google is so funny :D
    Good to see one more experiment. The reactor looks solid, all the best !

  • His previous run with quartz tubing was a "successful failure", it proved that quartz cannot handle the environment. He received high quality alumina parts several days ago. Now he is ready to roll again.

    See his posts on http://vk.com/firaxtech

    Protip: Use Chrome with Google's translate extension.

    Reading his stuff, he is becoming my new hero for resourcefulness. His quartz tubing trials were a way to get a jump start while waiting for ceramic parts on backorder. His solution was to buy halogen lamps and cut ends off the quartz tubing with a Dremel tool.

  • The thermocouple is not installed, the experiment will be collected before the second cell without fuel temperature measurements which are held inside and outside and since the findings make the necessary calibration for the working cell. Measurements of the temperature will produce a thermocouple attached to the surface of the reactor.

    ^This is better translated here:

    Thermocouple is not installed; a second fuel cell without actually fuel will be assembled before the experiment and I will measure temperature inside and outside with its help and calibrate the working cell by gathered data. Temperature measurements will be carried out by thermocouple attached to surface of the reactor.

  • I have my chips and my beer,
    I'm ready. ^^

    Don't forget to give us a live data stream,
    it's the more important for us,
    less than the chat where you'll explain what you're doing,
    but more than a video stream...

    Keep up this exciting work ! :thumbup:

    ... and thank you for sharing...

  • Vasilenko has estimated he will start testing in the evening (Volgograd Russia?) after moving his gear to a better vented place. I believe times shown below are my local time, in the central US.

    Denis Vasilenko
    We need to move equipment into the house, the room is no longer an experiment to do, it will be very hot, and heat above 20C I can not stand. I will try as early as possible all carry and set up, will run in the streets of a private house.
    today at 1:53 am

    Hayk Meet Malkit
    Denis , if the reaction goes, the fuel for three months there))) you know?)
    today at 2:33 am to Denis

    Denis Vasilenko
    Ike , yes, but I'm up to two days and will have to travel.
    today at 2:34 am to Ayk

    Hayk Meet Malkit
    Denis , when starting?
    one hour ago to Denis

    Denis Vasilenko
    Ike , I want to have time in the evening, and now it will be lucky to connect and check for everything to work.
    one hour ago to Ayk