Rossi listen to new to 1 MW plant - New pictures.

  • What, he can't tell the internal temperature of the device and he is listening for the sound of boiling water? The third picture must be quite old as several of the S?? cables are not even hooked up on the left side of the SQUARE-D transformer. We have seen the middle picture before. I think it is fantastic that he is keeping the thing producing, apparently significant reaction heat for so long, assuming the reports that the client really is saving significant money on there heating bills. This makes it clear that the phenomena is real. On the other hand a commercial 1MW thermal natural gas boiler is typically ~1m x 1m x 3m and sits in the corner running 24x7 with maintenance only occasionally by a relatively untrained person vs 4 or 5 people full time. Wow that is some spectacularly expensive heat. The heating bills may be way down the payroll is WAY up. Not exactly what I would call a fully engineered system.

  • AR and [lexicon]IH[/lexicon] have a contract with some unidentified customer, isn't that right? The 1MW is still to some extent a prototype and a demonstrator. It is closer to a marketable product than anything before, we have to guess. You are right the ~00 gauge leads are apparently waiting to be terminated in the Square D box-- at the point that picture was taken, which may have been months or more ago.

    Perhaps most of the pictures we have seen are months old to begin with.

    The stethoscope is a common diagnostic for any number of things--- but I imagine that Rossi is looking only at a particular normal or abnormal function, say in the motors, bearings, valves, diaphragms, switchgear, pumps or, who knows, maybe even LENR itself.

    Overall, it is an impressive array of stuff.

    Prototype autos that are going to market eventually for several 10s of thousand of dollars US, used to cost millions for the "one-off". And those autos were being prototyped by teams who have done prototyping at that scale many times before.

    If the 1 MW trial shows substantial net power to the customer, and cost savings under the conditions of their contract.... I would suspend criticism of the possible necessity to micromanage this initial prototype. Surely most of those issues, if there are any, can be designed out or otherwise controlled automatically in the "mature" devices. Since we don't know the vintage of the photos, they may not reflect the present day-to-day operation-- and thus may already have been brought under substantial automated control.