MFMP Albiston/Higgins post "x-rays" ?

  • In the recent Facebook MFMP post citing Brian Albiston and Bob Higgins, Higgins is quoted in reference to improved geometries for LENR reactors:

    "The reasons for the need for greater thickness of the fuel "pellet" may be related to heat containment, but also something else. We have supposed that the output of the reaction may come in the form of low energy x-ray class photons. If that is correct, then the reaction photons in a thin pellet may be getting absorbed in the alumina shell. However, in a thick pellet, the x-ray photons may be absorbed into the fuel, not only heating it, but also stimulating the reaction." [end quote]

    It appears that they explicitly assume x-ray flux in LENR. That might be from "internal conversion" electrons to nucleus, known in at least one or two of the possible aneutronic modes. Who has a handle on that thinking? There are no x-rays in evidence or claimed in the Lipinski UGC patent application. Since the UGC app has lithium 6 present, there can be formation of Be 7, and hence internal beta decay to Li 7 over a 53 day T1/2--- but I have not seen any claimed gamma for that, maybe softer x-rays are there.

    Surely the books say, I just don't have any detailed isotope references at hand. I'd appreciate any guidance on such x-ray(s), their likely energy and their probable source(s).