RussianPulse: Холодный ядерный синтез - миф или реальность

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    An history of Cold Fusion, not negative...

  • Took some liberty with syntax, and rendered the first two paragraphs, as opposed to the Google translation, as:

    Low energy nuclear/nanoscale reaction (LENR), or "cold fusion" - defines the possibility of nuclear fusion reactions in chemical systems without significant heating (over 1500 degrees celcius) of the working medium. Known nuclear fusion reactions take place at temperatures in the millions of Kelvin.

    Probably not in relation to another scientific field, where it would be considered a pure fraud, rather consider cold fusion research unique, and not fraudulent. Of course, crooks and lunatics are clearly not done with it.

    the regular Google translation of the last two paragraphs follow:

    After the failure in 1989 and rigged in 2002 "cold fusion" has firmly established itself as a pseudo-science.

    However, since 2008, after a public demonstration experiment electrochemical cell Yosiaki Arata (Yoshiaki Arata) of Osaka University of cold fusion talking again. However, the majority of chemists and physicists are trying to find an alternative (non-nuclear) explanation of the phenomenon, the more information that neutron radiation has been reported.