Peter Gluck: A Questionless Survey (LENR ideology)...

  • Peter gluck launch a survey about LENR Ideology.

    If I understand well, it is open to many people but should be done seriously.


    Please, describe as you can, as you wish your LENR Ideology comprising; philosophy, strategy, vision of the present and the future, explanation, understanding, modes of thinking, approach, focus, priorities, actions, all your LENR ideas and initiatives..


    Dear Friends,
    This Survey is for you, if you belong to one of these categories

    • Leaders (of country programs, organizations, companies, teams, ad-hoc groups leaders of opinion and so on)
    • Front line experimenters- professional and amateurs, working in teams and individually;
    • LENR thinkers, authors of theories, explanations, speculations, schemes,ideas
    • LENR investors- who have and want to invest in LENR- money or efforts sor simply hope;
    • LENR journalists, my good colleagues and comrades;
    • LENR lovers and kibitzes from everywhere- genius and solutions are independent from geography

  • I answer myself
    My LENR Ideology.

    About theory my approach is conservative about basic physics, based on standard model. I support the approach described by Edmund Storms.
    I support unity of the phenomenon, in a great diversity of expression, well described as "conservation of miracles".
    I am convinced by the NAE concept of a quantum object, insulated from normal chemistry context.
    I have a conviction that the reaction does not involve neutrons, at least free neutrons.
    I have an intuition, inspired by a geometry philosophy, that the core reaction is symmetrical in space (p-e-p or bigger but symmetric).
    From many domain of science, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, sociology, I support the philosophy that LENR is an emergent phenomenon from an entangled population of particle. I know emergence of collective behavior from individual behaviors, is a mental frontier for many profession, especially particle physicists and French politicians. In the same vein I believe that the structure of the NAE is not 3D, but 1D or 2D, or fractal, as it is another known frontier of quantum mechanic challenged by nanoscience.
    I am conscious that no theory really works, but that some support very interesting concepts.
    basically I have the intuition that LENR is not a challenge for the standard model, but for the standard 3D 2body free-space way of mind.

    Edmund Storms Hydroton have my sympathy, even if I suspect that the Hydroton is not exactly the solution. I however suspect that Electroweak LENR theory about Born-Oppenheimer approximation breaking with coherent proton and electrons population, and evanescent waves, can propose mechanism. Finally the Discrete Breather mechanism presented by Dubinko complete the toolbox.
    Something is missing, able to couple nucleus and electrons at the keV level instead of the eV level, allowing MeV level Discrete Breathers, on a NAE linear like Hydroton or planar like Electroweak. Maybe the evanescent field of Electroweak theory, or nanomagnetism...

    For me what blocked LENR research was the academic world and it's subordinates (editors, media), and a desire to rationalize what cannot respect any planning nor rules, the black swan.

    Another is that the dissenters, facing extreme attack, were selected to be strong temperaments, some with great individual hope in LENR, either initially or as revenge for aggressions, and that this slowed communications , sharing, collaboration, pushing more solitude and secrecy than usual.

    Also the terror against LENR scientists in publishing and funding, slowed the research , the sharing of information but also the critics, and thus the recognition.

    My epistemology is the one of great satanist Thomas Kuhn and his worst son, Feyerabend. Solution as says Kuhn will only came from practical advantage given by LENR.
    Currently no theory gives an advantage, and hope is only in engineering the tinkering, as Rossi or Brillouin are doing.

    Once LENR will be sold, I expect the market force to both oppose and fund LENR. This is where controlling the opponents, and fostering adoption, as LENRG or LENRIA propose in their respective ways, will be required to avoid delays as it always happen in revolutions.

    I believe that science should be reformed, not toward more regulation, but toward less regulation, more freedom, more tolerance for (perceived) crazy dissidence.

    There is no point in keeping scientific restriction for really crazy scientist, as the real discoverer of an anomaly in existing normal science will always be considered as criminal against science, a gullible crackpot scientists, a denier of reality, a paid troll, a scam artist .
    And sure there will be case where the judgement will be founded, and even when real science will be pushed by bad scientists, like Kepler or Newton.

    As says Benabou in his Groupthink theory paper, it is important to have an "ex-ante" rule for freedom of speech, that tolerate no ex-post exception.
    the way to oppose bad scientists should be by critics, by experiments, not by defunding, TV conference bashing, and academic consensus.
    I think that it is impossible, so my more realistic vision is that like in medieval Europe, there should be independent island of science (like are more or less China, Japan, India, Russia, Italy, US Navy, NASA, Lockheed martin) who don't respect, nor even values the same standards, the same journals, the same heroes, the same goals, the same methods, as the others... Some would be funded by competing superpowers, deluded dictators, manipulated democracies, by crazy tycoons, irresponsible companies, pathologically managed labs, all which are required for a sane science evolution.

    We should enforce a total mess, but a mess that communicates. That is what made the success of Internet, standard allowing communication between entities of any size and practice, respecting very different internal procedures and standards, and each responsible of it's own perimeter.
    One key idea is that the value of the network will grow with the number of participant who communicate, and because of the differences between participants. Perfectly identical agent, have nothing useful to exchange, and networking gives no value to perfect clones. The basic of communication is to have different state or behavior.

    some says "no god no master", I say "no single master, no single method"

  • Lets pin down the acronym lenr as low energy nanoscale reaction. My experiment with nano particle nickelous oxide and witnessing hydrogen fusion defines my ideology related to lenr. It's a path to free energy that the world economy can not accommodate. The present availability of oil for heat projects the use of lenr into the distant future. We will learn how to use this gift after being burnt a few times.