Should ideas concepts and theories behind LENR be discussed on Internet Forums?

  • Most of you acolytes just don't get it yet. Some of you never will.

  • What's your problem with Randi?

    I am a fan of Randi, his stage mentalism routines are particularly clever, the one's without all the explanations of how it's done - hint... it's not cold reading or anything close - magician's don't give away their secrets (well they do but you have to pay for it).

    But I was a little worried when I saw a youtube video where he appears not to have heard of the University of Bologna (the worlds oldest university), but that is forgivable for a man who I believe skipped school to join the circus.

    For Randi fans, there's a great doc here: but you will need to fake a UK ip.

  • Hello trolls!
    You are adding to the thrill, keep rocking!

    Yup they are rock stars! They keep me in balance, remind me to look deeper, challenge my assumptions and sometimes remind me to not take things too seriously and sometimes to look at things more seriously. I'm glad for that as long as they do not go over over the top or over dominate the subject of the thread.

    Hah i guess one of them would say what i just said is Bullshit! Ironically that maybe correct.

    Anyway getting back to topic, can I assume they would say theory is a waste of time anyway regardless of whether it helps or hinders LENR research as in their opinion it is pointless?

  • Hi Jim, I think your comment was mistakenly double entered in to mine here:

    Jim I think you mistakenly double entered your comment with one inside the quotes from my comment... easily done so no problem there.

    Regarding Andrea Rossi suppression of comments on theory I wouldn't worry too much. I see his forum is really based on one thread so I guess he wants to keep it to topic relevant to his views and his ecat. I can understand that somehow.. From what I see he like me respects your experience and you personally. Some times theories and concepts are lost in translation and understanding between the macro scale and micro scale and vise versa. On one side there is diversity of states and probability of interaction and the other there are specific states and interaction constraints and sometimes more rarely such as in NMR there is strong crossover and interdependence. Who knows for sure what happens In LENR there are so many good ideas now and possibilities. I guess Andrea Rossi has his own good idea but can't reveal because of IP. I look forward hopefully to when he can and in the meantime look forward to the independent and unconstrained tests and data. I for one respect your experience and knowledge of reactor control and neutron behaviour in reactors.

    If I was a U.S. citizen I would sign the petition too I wish you well with it. I guess the White house will sit up and notice in time. Everything comes in its time.

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