Unscientific does not mean unimportant

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    The fire was discovered by unprepossessed und unprejudiced thinking and boldness. Free of all the existing theories that taking a dry wooden stick, lighting it and carrying it from place to place will cause bad luck.

    Was the discovery of fire unscientific from the modern point of view? Yes, it was. But still it was somewhat important.

    Is trying to heat and pressurize different material compositions unscientific? Yes. But still it can lead to the discovery of new physical effects.

    physicists like to say how perfect their standard model is.. for more funding.

    QCD is an incredibly bad theory compared to quantum electrodynamics.

    3 years ago a tetraquark state was discovered at lhc and confirmed with more than 5 sigma.

    During my quantum field courses at university I read a book about QCD. on the first few pages a proof was given that bound 4 quark states can under no circumstances exist...

    what is dark matter? What is 95% of the universe made of. Many conservative Physicists dont know but still they say " how perfect their standard model is". Ridiculous.

    Unscientific does not mean unimportant.

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    I don't see anything unscientific in what you describe.

    Today many people have forgotten what is really science. It is made to be useful, and to do that, produce knowledge and know how.
    It is opposed to dogmatism, to religion, to ideology, even if some scientific approach can support initially those frozen structures.

    Theory is not scientific, what is scientific is to make and analyse experiments and match theory with experiments, rejecting theories and not experiments when there is no match.

    Of course as well explained in that article citing Dunbar,
    it is a myth.

    usual bad normal science is people having pet theory, or consensus, best from long experience, and trying desperately to prove it despite incoherent body of evidences. It can work, with time and competition.

    For me the best science is done by engineers. They don't care of the theory, just of the experiments...
    They want it to work, whatever is the explanation, provided it increases chance of success, even slightly.
    Problem is engineers don't do science often, because it is not so useful once it work,; they have other priority.