11th International Workshop on Anomalies in 
Hydrogen Loaded Metals in Airbus Toulouse on October 15th-16th 2015

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    The ISCMNS with the support of Airbus Group, HERA, LENR-Cities, LENRIA,SFSNMC is organizing the 11th International Workshop on Anomalies in 
Hydrogen Loaded Metals , in Airbus resort in Toulouse, with Jean-Francois Geneste as Chairman.


  • Bonjour Alain...! :hi:

    (Tu peux me répondre en anglais, pas de problème)

    Je viens de lire cette news,
    merci pour l'info,
    dommage que je sois si loin de Toulouse, :/

    mais dans ta présentation,
    tu indiques "Jean-Francois Geneste, the Chief Scientist of Airbus Group is no less than the Conference Chair",

    alors que tu devrais préciser pour éviter les confusions,
    par exemple comme ça :

    - Jean-Francois Geneste, the Chief Scientist of Airbus Group Innovations is no less than the Conference Chair
    - Jean-Francois Geneste, a Chief Scientist of Airbus Group is no less than the Conference Chair

    Je peux faire erreur,
    mais je pense qu'il y a plusieurs équipes/projets scientifiques chez Airbus Group,
    et Jean-Francois Geneste doit être le directeur scientifique d'une de ces équipes, nommée "Innovations".

    Je ne pense pas qu'il soit LE directeur scientifique d'Airbus Group...
    Mais un des directeurs scientifiques.

    La précision a son importance, tu sais comment sont les sceptiques... Les bandes de taquins... :crazy:
    A ce propos, c'est toujours aussi surréaliste, sur le forum FR où tu fais très bien de ne plus mettre les pieds. lol.

    Continue le boulot, Alain, c'est tout bon... :thumbup:


    Si tu regardes sur le site d'Airbus Group Innovations,
    ils ne mentionnent pas Jean-Francois Geneste :

    Tu pourrais te renseigner ???
    Savoir qui il est réellement, pour le présenter avec le bon titre...?

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    About Jean-Francois Geneste, his title it is a good question.

    Airbus Innovation, is a structure that in modern companies/groups match what we called in French "Direction technique", the division which manage the various technical/technology strategies of a company.
    The boss of Airbus Innovation, have the title of CTO and Chief Innovation Officer for the group :

    Jean-Francois Geneste is "Executive Chief Scientist" of "Airbus Innovation", and is just under CTO in the hierarchy.
    The level of "Executive" is the top level for experts in this organization.
    As some have reported to me, this level of responsibility participate to "ExCom" (Executive committee) which take decisions for the group.

    In this kind of organisation the time scale of the decision should be longer, and scope larger, for group level executives, than for division level executives. As the CTO explains in the interview, his technical responsibility are mostly not on the operational side of each division, but on the questions that concern the whole group.

    As it was explained in Neuchatel meeting, modern companies have understood (thanks to Kodak failure) that it is important to know what disruptive technology will kill them, and to really prepare. (see eg: http://650labs.com ).

    In management today, "Open Innovation" is very fashion. The idea is for big corporations to accept that they are too big to innovate fast enough, and that they should get help from startups. You can see that idea in the interview, and in the partnership with LENRG.

    Question is whether LENR have a disruptive potential.
    Even if you see all LENR evidence as uncertain, dubious, it would be, it is, irrational not to consider it as a huge risk.
    It it is a huge risk, even with low probability, it have to be managed, mitigated, exploited, hedged, watched. That is the job of the CTO/CIO to drive those efforts, with the expertise of his Executive Chief Scientist, in coordination with peer executives and experts in each division.
    You can see Boeing/Nasa/Lockheed-Martin, Toyota/Mitsubishi/Nissan/Tohoku, NTVA/Statoil,Elforsk/Vattenfall, and some others, having similar strategies.

    This not even considering LENR is proven as peer reviewed papers show, and that there are some evidences of a commercial application next year.

    With a naive eye, it is surprising we are surprised by such move.

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    The announce is made on ISCMNS site

  • Dear members of this forum, esteemed colleagues, united dreamers of a
    world for a better future: This new is very important for us: it is
    the sign that the game is (perhaps) changing in France. We have three
    month in front of us to bring strong results to this workshop.

    Let's go to the labs and to the benchtops. I am planning to improve our
    "fusion diode" tech with a little amount of lithium in the
    palladium foils. According to Li Xhing Zhong, the main LENR reaction
    was in front of our blinded eyes since 25 years: D + 6Li --> 4He +
    4He with no neutrons, nor energetic gammas rays.


    will be there in the beautiful pink town, cradle of the aeronautic.

    regards, Fabrice David.

  • Thank you Fabrice David, especially for your positive outlook. Even though I have a brother-in-law living in or near Toulouse, I'm very sorry I will likely not be able to make it to that meeting.

    The reaction you mention seems to be a twin of the p + Lithium 7, that also yields two "hot" alphas via beryllium 8, that is aneutronic as well. I guess the advantage of greater abundance for both components (6420 X 12.17 = 78,131), would make the protium and lithium 7 reaction economically or logistically easier....even if it worked at some very small fraction of D + lithium 6 rate. In a stationary powerplant the factor of 78,000 makes up for a lot of rate inefficiency.... But in aircraft the greater efficiency makes very good sense because it is likely to make for much smaller and lighter reactor fuel stores and more energetic "cores".

    Speaking of these sorts of energies. Please be very careful, all of you who might like to use lithium and deuterium w/ or w/o catalysts! A sudden dramatic increase in reaction rate, with possible positive temperature coefficient feedback, could readily lead to a blinding or fatal explosion. Even of a small "diode" sized device. As others here should know, LENR energy densities can theoretically be many thousands of times that of ANY ordinary chemical reactions such as gasoline in air.

    That EADS and the aviation industry may take the lead on this, certainly makes sense, especially from the standpoint of long range surveillance aircraft, and if perfected for more widespread use, a path to much less greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Peter Gluck publish the preliminary program of the ISCMNS conference to happen in Airbus Toulouse resort,
    and start to consider the various presentations.

    EDIT: The program is now there: http://www.iscmns.org/work11/Agenda.pdf

    Peter first consider the presentation by Airbus Innovation executive chief scientist, Jean-Francois Geneste, with the good questions:


    First Airbus and LENR- what he will say and what he will NOT say (but do) about the research strategy, extent, aims, team, ideology, science-technology harmony- starting REAL competition with Rossi.

    Second- Essential- how he will present his Theory Breakthrough in Energy Creation and LENR, it is a very high level opus, paradigm changing (transforming)

    Third: From Experiment to Theory- is also an important theoretical contribution of Jean-Francois; next to come is From Theory to Technology, I hope!

    Peter also put the emphasis on experimental articles

    • J.P. Biberian : Replication Attempts of the Parkhomov Experiment
    • A. Korshunov : Calorimetric Investigation of Anomalous Heat Production in Ni-H Systems
    • J. Ruer : Analysis of the Potential Behavior of the Energy Catalyzer as Described in the Patent US 9,115,913 B1
    • Jacques Dufour : Unconventional Heat Observation in the Hydrogen/Iron/Sodium System (some surprise, dear Jacques?)
    • F. David : Hydrogen Isotopes in Alloys: Hypotheses and Experiments
    • XZ Li : Lithium 6: An Important Fuel in Condensed Matter Physics
    • R. Lundin : Power Generation by Resonant Isotope Transmutation of Nucleides

    This is also the occasion to quote Leonid Uruskoev, with a key vision on LENR theory, as Peter reported in that post http://egooutpeters.blogspot.r…of-nuclear-otherness.html :

    I will try to convey to the participants of the Workshop a simple idea: as long as you are trying to treat LENR as reactions between individual particles, they will obtain nothing new compared to what we already know from the traditional nuclear physics.
    The answer is simply that no such [lexicon]low energy nuclear reactions[/lexicon] can take place due to the laws of conservation.
    ONLY if we consider collective nuclear processes, we will be able to understand LENR. The paper will give a phenomenological model and its mathematical basis. I will send you the text when ready

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    I ask myself why with all this positive calorimetric results, there are not more papers issued to journals of these experiments?

    Everyone wants to see positive measurement with proper calorimeter, also a journal could not deny such data with detailled protocol.

    They seem to have it. But no papers, even in smaller journals?

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    The only positive flawless calorimetry I've heard recently was Edmund Storms (as usual).
    Formerly there is Ferarra.

    All other that make me happy, let some questions open anyway.
    Hope, not confidence.

    I expect some good experimenter will tighten the bolts on his experiment, or will help others replicators.
    This takes time.

  • Leonid Urutskoev rights, cold fusion should be considered in conjunction with other energies ..

    Нефть - это кровь планеты, надо сделать модель планеты и мы получим генератор Тарасенко, эта энергия покорит вселенную! :lenr:

  • &"I expect some good experimenter will tighten the bolts on his experiment, or will help others replicators."

    Alain, "Cold fusion" is the first bolt to tighten. That is the use of "cold" associated with hydrogen fusion. Who in hell associated "cold" with this reaction. Must have been some journalist working over the first press release.
    Probably used in a relative context but time to change. Whoever uses this term associated with his experimental data is off to a bad start in credibility. Accepting inaccuracy is not good as a start.
    It's embarrassing to continue using this misnomer.

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    I have updated the page to reflect latest data from ISCMNS.

    The patrons of the event are listed here :

    Airbus Group, HERA, SFSNMC,LENR-Cities, LENRIA, and of course ISCMNS