Proposal > to update website - Members Please Coment

  • * Proposal to update website with something more current and attractive for

    1st Proposed - Wordpress plug-in - there are websites using bbPress with 40k users.

    LENR-FORM would like to offer the best possible experience in the coming months for users.

    Suggestions and Comments on a other forms are welcomed, lets see what we come up with.

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    Thank you for your suggestions! But I don't see the benefit of using a blog software and adding a cutback "burning board" plugin, while we already have a very powerful burning board software.

    Attractivity is a subjective emotion. As we have > 1100 members from which > 200 are actively using our plattform, I don't see any need to make such a downgrade and step backwards...

    I guess most new members never used a forum software like this, but it's easy and fast to learn how to use it.
    The same problem would stay and start from the beginning by changing the software with completely new usability and handling. I guess this would make our users (most over 50 years old) very angry, as they just learned how to use our forum and felt well in this community.

    The current software we are using now can easily manage 1 mio users and more. It is specially designed for the amount of data which is produced by such a crowd of people. Also the moderation interface to keep track of that amount of data is very improved.

    This bbpress is a handy plugin designed for small communities with few 1000 members.

    In the field of LENR we have actually other more important problems than changing our communication software.