Jed Rothwell makes a parallel between Cold fusion denial and Titanic aftermath...

  • In that article Jed Rothwell tell the story of the myths and manipulation about Titanic tragedy....

    He also describe the misconducts of Cold Fusion denialist , with incredible lack of any ethic.
    It confirms and extend the description that Charles Beaudette give in his book "Excess Heat".

    Just see the paragraphs, with some emphasis on the most shocking facts...

    I know Taubes was in error, but such absurdities should not convince anybody with a college level, even on Wikipedia.

    I really would like to read those books, but I cannot spend more than 10cents on them without feeling guilty against honest authors.

  • Ok what does the Rossi Ecat have to do with real LENR research?
    Answer me that!
    No you will not.
    The Rossi Ecat has something to do with LENR.
    Can you explain WHAT the Rossi Ecat has to do with REAL LENR research?

  • How is Rossi going to get a patent on it?
    Since he will not say HOW it works?
    So good luck on that patent!
    You see how circular logic works?
    Good - since he can not get a patent on it and he will not say how it works so he can not get a patent on it!
    So your argument is worthless!
    How do YOU know Rossi has done "research behind the scenes"?
    How can you say "High COP" if the device (Rossi Ecat) has never been tested by an 'independant" testing lab?
    See "Rossi does not want to divulge how it works"
    More circular logic!
    So the "Rossi Ecat" seems destined to remain ever secret and never available!

  • It is right that without disclosur he cannot have a patent.
    He can file a patent and avoid disclosure for 18 month... so if serious people like Cherokee filed some real patent (I agree his current patent is junk), after the partnership which was advertized early 2014, then we may discover it only mid 2015.

    We don't know much, except that a third party test was allowed, that they were alone with the device, they rewired, they could cut the earth, they could install instruments, make calibration of IR cam with thermocouple, touching the device to install known-emissivity dots...

    The result that the 7 scientists signed was that it was visibly working.

    What we know thus, is that something is producing more heat that anything chemical can, much more, about as much as what a nuclear reactor produce.

    It can be alien technology, black magic... nothing oppose to those hypothesis except known physics. LENR is validated by thousands of experiments replicated across the planet, so it is a good candidate, beside it is Rossi's claims.

    It may be interesting to look for weak point in the test, in the protocol, but at least given the evidence available, it would be rational to start on the hypothesis that it works "very probably".

    In fact that it is not the case is very interesting, yet not at all a surprise. it shows that in that affair critics are far from rational. The "It is a fraud" claimed without any probability behind, nor any positive evidence, is a usual sign of desperate denial, the mirror phenomenon of "true beliefs".

    Rational people could say : we are not 100% sure, because...
    Because what ? because Levi who have a career is participating a scam and manipulated 6 colleagues.
    Because rossi took the risk of a third party test where he is not present, doing a fraud that an electrician could detect in 5 minutes.
    Because Elforsk did not check the test was done and checked by independent people
    Because cherokee fund missed it's Due Diligence, despite claiming that beside the Elforsk-funded test they send their own experts to cross check.

    So question is whether there is serious reason to be sure less than 100%... it is a rational question, whose answer is not evident because many point are addressed, yet there is hole (DC offset, Levi's participation) that are covered by assumption of human logic (that Rossi is not stupid enough to allow a test where others testers can detect it in 5 minutes) that can be discussed.

    Simply being sure it is a fraud, despite evidences, is not rational. It is symptom of "true believers".

    We could just discuss of the hypothesis of fraud scenarios...

    • The DC offset hidden by Levi's participation into a 3 years conspiracy, with manipulations of his 6 colleagues during the test

    For others they are addressed as far as I know.

  • OK SO what are you ALAINCO saying?
    What is your point?
    The "Rossi Ecat" is a scam?
    The "Rossi Ecat" is real?
    What outcome matters?
    AS long as The "Rossi Ecat" remains secret and UNAVAILABLE!
    What good is it?
    What good is a device that is so secret that it can NEVER be patented or used?
    What does it matter that it is a scam?
    Or whether it is real?
    The "Rossi Ecat" seems to be FOREVER UNPROVEN!
    AND Unused!
    You "AlainCo" are promoting what?
    can you just give an answer?
    That has "something" to do with the "Rossi Ecat"!

  • I only block kitchen.

    E-cat is not secret, we talk of it and there is report.
    Cold fusion is public, and there are many papers that no deniers read.

    I am promoting, reality...
    I have made mistake, but at least I recognised it when I had evidence...

    do you have evidence that Fleischman & Pons calorimetry is an artifact ?
    I've asked to many people, like S Coyaud.
    I even asked Stephan Pomp and he answered none...
    He just refused to read the book of charles Beaudette.

    Did you read it?

    Did you read the book of Mats?

    As far as all skeptics I contacted don't answered to me, they have nothing.

    NB: please, no trolling like insults and childish behaviors (I don't moderate because it is information)...